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Advice on Cloud Package

I am sure this has been asked a million times and I've read a few discussions but would be eternally grateful for any light anyone could shed on the following.

We have a company which has been selling a fairly large volume on ebay, we are about to extend this across other platforms like amazon and our own ecomm site. We are looking for an accounting package (cloud based) which can pull all of the sales details from the various platforms we intend to sell from, pull data from payment processors and paypal and either take a direct feed from our bank or allow us to upload in .csv. We would also like the software to be able to produce end of year accounts.

We are also looking to have something which can centrally control stock across all of these platforms, I have seen a few stand alone stock management solutions (linnworks, channel advisor etc) but wondered did any of the cloud based accountacy packages provide for this so we can have an all in one solution.

So far I have been impressed by xero which integrates with many shopping carts, has ebay add ons and takes direct feeds from the bank, kashflow has also caught my eye but none seem to be able to manage stock across multiple platforms.

Basically I would be grateful for any advice as to whether there is an end to end solution or whether we will need to use an api and various packages for this and if this is the case which accountancy platform would you recommend overall?

Many thanks in advance for any advice anybody could lend.


Thanks for looking

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For PayPal Integration in KashFlow, see

Re bank feeds see

For E-Commerce, what are you using? Many now plug in to KashFlow - (EKM Powershop released today but not on the site yet)

We'll be adding Amazon integration to KashFlow quite soon.

Our stock control is pretty basic, but if it's just quantities (as opposed to location) you want to track then it should do the job across multi-platforms.

I don't think any software should automatically do end of year accounts. It's never going to do it as well as an accountant. It's just not a formulaic thing - you can often "decide" if you want to make a profit or not and software is just never going to have the info, knowledge and insight that an accountant has.

KashFlow will produce P&L, etc for the accountant to work with (or import into accounts production software) but won't actually produce the accounts itself.

Hope that's of some help

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Cloud Package

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Hi,  would need to know more about your business how you stock and sell items, what business you are in to give the benefit of 20 years in ERP solutions please feel free to contact me offline if you wish.

Kind Regards

Neil Seekings

Interprise Suite Solution Partner


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NeilSeekings wrote:
to give the benifit of 20 years in ERP solutions

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Duane is right

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"We would also like the software to be able to produce end of year accounts."

I wonder if people ask for software that can design a car or a building?

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I think might be suitable for your circumstances.

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A bit more information

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Depending on your budget, I have only seen one product so far that comes close to what you describe, but that supposes that I have understood you correctly.

It will interface with a number of carts and has very good back end accounts and stock control for the money.

However, in its present form, I am not sure that you would describe it as 'Cloud'.

Having said that, I do not see why this element needs to be in the 'Cloud' unless you do not want to be bothered with infrastructure and its management or prefer the cost model.

Some accounting products come with their own web cart, but these do not always keep pace with current trends and I have heard web desgners complaining about the restrictions they place upon them.

Having said that you get incredibly tight integration with your back office. If you link to independnt carts, you have access to all of their functionality, but lthe evel of integration is effected by the quality and sopistication of the API they provide. I doubt if they will be consistent.

Paul Kelly





Another option

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Another option could be to purchase a standard cloud accounts system (Kashflow or Xero) but if these do not cover your stock requirements we could develope a cloud based system for you. The cost of this may not be as high as you may believe and you would have a system that perfectly matches your requirements.

Thanks for replies

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Hi guys, firstly thanks for all your replies.

@DuaneJAckson It's only quantities that we want to track so that if we sell something on amazon it also reduces the stock on ebay/ecomm site so that we don't sell something we don't have. How soon is Amazon integration expected and I didn't see any mention of ebay so is there support for this? We haven't decided on which cart to use yet, we are trying to get all of this stuff figured out together so that everything integrates easily rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole later so the cart choice may well be influenced by the back end and accountancy choice.

@NeilSeekings  We stock items from one location, we sell items online which we deliver by mail, currently processing around 1500 transactions/month which is likely to rise significantly in the short term.

@petersaxton We don't need the software to design a car or building but something that could put together some year end stuff would be useful, I gathered that Xero now had this capability, I've even used some £20/year spreadsheet software which had this capabiblity, granted it comes without the forsight and knowledge of an account but it produced accurate end of year accounts and a CT600 look-a-like to simplify submission to the revenue. That said this inclusion stems from the fact that I have always completed the company accounts myself up until now so if something made this easy it would be great but looking at the way things are growing we are very likely to be using an accountant for the next set of accounts anyway so this is far from an essential feature.

@Adrian Pearson Thanks for this I'll have a good look at this later.

@paul.k2  It doesn't necessarily have to be cloud based but reading around I saw this to be the way forward. What package did you have in mind specifically?

@PeterForest What sort of costs are we talking? (I know you'd need more details but ball park would be great)


Again thanks for all your input, another question I should probably add is which accountancy package in general do accountants prefer to deal with? This is probably very subjective question though.


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Of course I could not give accurate costs based on what we have discussed so far. I do use a Microsoft product called Microsoft Lightswitch that sits on top of my Microsoft Visual Studio on which I develope software. This product is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool which allows me the ability to produce robust database applications and deploy then onto a Microsoft Azure Server (the cloud) quickly and efficiently. Using these tools I would imagine I could write and deploy your solution for about £2,000. You then would need to pay for hosting of the software on a Microsoft Azure Server plus support. If this is of interest please come back to me.

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When do you expect to have

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When do you expect to have the Amazon integration up and running Duane?  That would be a great addition.

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Trial balance

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Most accountants use a trial balance and most accounts packages produce a trial balance. Most accounts production software starts off with a trial balance but you would need an accountant to use this software and most accountants have the software already.

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We don't like to be more specific about timescales. See

All I can say with confidence at the moment is that it wont be in the next 4 weeks.

Thanks for all the info guys

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Thanks for all the info guys and the pm's I'll have a look at it all in the working week now and be in touch.

@ Duane, what about the ebay intergration I mentioned, is there any?

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eBay / PayPal

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Not direct with eBay (yet), but if your payments are all made via PayPal then the PayPal Importer will pick them up

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Additional advice

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That looks a tough set of requirements for an off the shelf cloud solution with all of the ingredients you want.  We have Twinfield which does the accounting, gets close to the final accounts, has great API and web service for interfacing to other stuff (we already have customers who integrate with web shops), but it doesn't do the stock.  And then we have Newbase, which integrates with Twinfield but is a complete CRM/ERP for a trading business - much more than just the stock you are after.  So my stuff probably isn't a great fit.  If you want some additional advice and thoughts from someone who isn't trying to sell you something, but hopes you do find the right cloud based solution from someone - please make contact through AWEB or below. 

David Terrar

D2C and Cloud Advocates

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Brightpearl can help you here

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Hi there

Just to follow up on Adrian's earlier suggestion, have you taken a look at Brightpearl at all? Our software includes stock control, order processing, CRM and accounting and we have integrations to eBay (soon to have Amazon) and ecommerce platforms such as Magento (or integrate over our open APIs).

Plus it's completely free to try for 30 days.  See online at

Let us know if you need any more detail.



Thanks for all the help,

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Thanks for all the help, suggestions and offers of further help, I am checking up on this thread but something has come up which is taking most of my time up preventing me looking further into this just at the moment, I'm hoping to be able to give this my attention again by next week latest.

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Flyers/Brochures for Kashflow

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Hi Duane, 

I know this is totally unrelated to the above thread but I had a special request to ask of the Kashflow team and thought who better than the 

man in charge!  Also I was listening to your interview on BBC 4 the other day and thought it was great.  For a young entrepreneur like myself it

is very inspiring to listen to your story and I think in Kashflow you have created a fantastic product/service.  Since working with this over a year ago in our firm it has been a fantastic addition to the services we provide.  Not only that but clients have been overwhelmingly positive about Kashflow.

I am now starting to get queries from new clients who are very interested in learning more about the great benefits Kashflow can have for their business.  I just took on a very exciting new client who are young entrepreneurs with a great business in Belfast who loved the sound of Kashflow and what it could do for them.

My request was this :

I am due to attend a conference for local charities in Belfast 9-10 October, the link is below and as you can see there is a section on

"Moving your IT systems to the Cloud" so this would fit perfectly with our own experiences with Kashflow and we have a charity client who uses Kashflow and thinks it's been great for his organisation so there's as good a testimonial as any.

So I wanted to see if it would be possible for Kashflow to provide me with some flyers/brochures on Kashflow so that

I can pass these out and help build awareness and promote the product?

Please let me know if you can help me with this as I think it is in both our interests to continue to promote the great benefits 
your product has to offer.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Aidan Malone

Malone Lynchehaun

Chartered Accountants

12 New Street Newry

Co. Down

BT35 6JD

Tel: 02830268050

Fax: 02830268707




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