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Agent copies and P35 penalties

Have just received this update from our committee liason 

P800, SA250 and SA251 will be retained

HMRC also need examples of incorrect penalties received for P35 to identify where the problem is.

If you have specific examples you would like to be looked at  they need the PAYE ref and  if a NIL return was submitted. Please give the details to your working together rep to pass on


Will HMR&C foot the fees for wasted time?

vinylnobbynobbs | | Permalink

Will HMR&C foot the fees for wasted time? 

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I think ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... most of feel "Why don't they just e-mail copies of everything to agents, either direct or through the gateway?"

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Marion Hayes | | Permalink

Sometimes I feel like Pollyanna you know - the only reason the forms are being retained is our sustained reaction.

They are starting to email alerts for more and more things but many of the offices don't have external email yet. We need to keep the pressure/requests up!

I am afraid I don't get the reference to wasted time; do you mean in supplying P35 information ? I would have thought if we supply information which uncovers a system error we would then be in a position to bill for our wasted time en mass.



Wasted Time

vinylnobbynobbs | | Permalink

By wasted time I mean spending yesterday morning drafting letters of appeal to HMR&C for all of those cases where nil notifications were sent in via the internet and acknowledged by HMR&C and then being advised by NWTT that it was/is HMR&C's error and could they have examples.

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I see

Marion Hayes | | Permalink

that'd be a no then I guess.

OGA - latest email just arived asking that questions about VAT be dealt with by email. Scroll down to the where to write/email to section 

court cases

david5541 | | Permalink

i am pleased to see the verdict has been against HMRC on two recent court cases in the p35 penalties area.

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