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Just in case any users don't get the alerts, but from 1st October AR01 is changing and old ones will not be accepted - I think it is just the SIC codes that are changing from the 2003 list to the 2007 list, but IRIS will not be updating until w/c 17/10/11.

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... they advise not to manually change the SIC codes as the update will do this, and you may get problems as it will re-convert what you have changed. 

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Although the support bulletin implies that IRIS will automatically convert the 2003 SIC codes into 2007 SIC codes, it does not say that explicitly.  If it really is a one for one translation, two questions arise:

  1. Why is Companies House not doing it on its own database and hence, making it automatically available to the general public for WebFiling of annual returns?
  2. If no additional codes are being made available, what is the point of the exercise in the first place?
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