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Anyone else Jumping Ship

After the lack of support from when Iris took over we are going to move to Absolute. It didn't help when it took weeks for a response to an email telling them that we were not going to renew. We have been with them since the begining of SA

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I move to absolute last year when i could not get on with new accoutns package.

Decided to move my tax back to PTP because it is so much easier than ABsolute.

Still not sure about what to do with accounts package.





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Strongly recommend

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That you trial absolute before you commit.  Trial a couple of others too - VT, BTC, taxcalc.

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@ Sally1964

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Look at VT.  It is so easy to use and excellent value for money.  I have used all of the above packages and a firm backer of VT now.

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Absolute    1 thanks

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Okay so Absolute is not the same as PTP was - of course it isn't.

But what it isn't is the disinterested and unengaged  IRIS that took over PTP and PAYE master amongst others.

I was with PTP for years and bailed last year after the partnership return debacle, following on from other Iris debacles over the years.

My experience is that Absolute does what it says, the support I rate as first class and excellent value for money.



PTP support

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I agree with all the comments here about the collapse in the support Iris give (or should I say, don't give) following their acquisition of PTP. On the numerous occasions when we have needed their help, the stock reply was "re-install the software".

This year, when the client database would not transfer from 2010./11 to 2011/12, they have been unable to resolve the issue, despite a member of their support team being logged onto our system for many hours, and after two weeks of exchanging emails with them. We are at the point of jumping ship also.

We trialed Absolute both last and this year. Last year we were put off by the many imperfections of this fledgling software. This year we were very impressed with the huge improvements, but felt unable to make the change as there are still one or two niggles left to iron out. 

On reflection I think that  was a mistake, and if Iris don't resolve our problem very quickly, we will be asking for a refund and moving. Some of you mentioned BTC...what is that? And can other members make other recommendations?

Nick O'Brien




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VT and BTC

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I use VT to prepare accounts and BTC for the tax side of things.  Two different packages, but they do integrate together well.  Both are easy to use and well supported.

I left PTP 18 months ago after many years due to customer service issues and price increases.  I initially went to Absolute but was not happy with this, so made a second change to VT/BTC.  Am now very happy with my software set up, and much happier with the price too.

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I have moved my accounts to Keytime. I am really pleased with how easy it is to use.

It appears to be much better thatn Absolute(although not used Absoulte for 9 months so they may have ironed out many of their problems).

I can also attach Keytime accounts to PTP corp tax returns for filing.


Staff at Keytime are very helpful.

I have alredy renewed my PTP tax software so will keep that this year but might look at Keytime tax software next year.




Jumped Ship

The Innkeeper | | Permalink

We have jumped ship from PTP to Absolute. Having used PTP since SA came in there has been a learning curve and it IS different. Having said that the support is superb - just like PTP used to be. There are a few niggles but none so big that I would regret the move.

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Not completely happy with PTP Accounts

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I've not been completely happy with PTP Accounts since the move to the SQL database a couple of years ago - when PTP Accounts effectively became Iris Lite so that they didn't have to re-program 2 versions for iXBRL.

The initial move was cumbersome, with problems transferring data to SQL.

It gets a bit tiresome when the updates don't install and having to contact support, who frequently can only provide delayed e-mail support.  I've got this issue at the moment.

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