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Backdating tax credits

I expect that all reading this will consider it too trivial to complain about, especially since tax credits will be out of the window in a few years' time.

I have always found it cumbersome to get a new claim backdated by 3 months, (think I may have mentioned it before in this forum) not helped by the fact that the application form contains no provision for it.  Now, I understand from a local WT meeting that to change the form (or any other form) would cost about £400K. Incidentally, if anyone out there is listening, I offer to do it for £350K.  Well, not personally - I would subcontract it out. Pretty confident I could find someone who would do it for £300K.  I'm not greedy.  £50K (less tax!) would be enough for me.

But back to the subject matter, is there any way of reliably getting the form backdated from the get go?  Someone at the tax credit office once suggested that we backdate the signature (wow!).  Tried that - didn't work.  Someone else said that sending a coverying letter with the TC600 would do it.  Maybe, not tried that, but I am sceptical, since the forms just go to an OCR office for scanning in, and my experience of such offices is that they are not geared up for correspondence.

So, are we left with the rigmarole of sending in an application, KNOWING that the resulting award is going to get issued incorrectly, and not copied to agent of course, which we then have to phone up or appeal against to put it right?

And that is not the end of the rant, sorry to say.  Indeed the only reason that compelled me to write this polemic was my recent attempt to get a provisional £nil award backdated by three months.  Computer says "no".  You have to wait until a positive award is issued on revision, before they will allow the award to be backdated.

I mean, seriously??



And on a vaguely related topic

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So the last date for which a new claim can be made is (I believe) 05 April 2014 (please correct me if I am wrong).  Is it safe to assume that a claim can be submitted as late as 05 July 2014 and then backdated by 3 months?  Has that problem even been thought about?  Is it too soon to think about it?

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Backdated tax credits

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You are going about it with incorrect methodology jim m'lad. What you do is this: backdate the documentation to 6 months prior and then ask them what is hapening about the claim you put in ( 6 mnths ago)? And why have they lost it. And here is a copy. Works every time. But watch out that Yobcentre Plus doesn't contact your client direct.

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Why think about at all Jim m'lad?. Go out and play some golf.

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