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Barclays & The Cosa Nostra

As the months & years go by and news, such as their underhand tax planning , is unearthed, and their attitude to customers like me evolves, a parallel comes to mind between this legal organisation and another illegal one.

Yes, I'm sure they have never planned or put into action a "hit" on anyone in particular but the ethos they practice (rather than the ethos they portray) seems to reflect and promote the worst side of commerce, ie that their profits are made solely by creating losses for someone else.


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?? Am I understanding this right?

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This doesn't look like tax planning, this looks like fraud to me. Maybe I have misunderstood the article!

Banks are getting worse and worse. The insurance misselling wasn't unique to the banks, but when you put commissions in front of sales people (which is what the front desk staff have become) then people are going to be dishonest in their dealings just to get their commission. It happens in every quarter, the most notorious being the power services sales people who were 'signing' people up who had never even agreed to change. Cure one source of dishonesty and another bobs up somewhere else. :(

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