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Big problem with SAGE backups?

After years of data only backups being e-mailed to me and uploaded without problem, it is looking like with v18 (2012) that this will not work any more, as with a data only back-up you cannot run any reports!

The one I was just doing was v17 and that worked fine in v17, but not in v18.

Is this a incredibly annoying change is the way SAGE works, or is there some deep default setting in v18 needs re-setting?

The "Use Data Path for Reports" box in settings is checked, as this is also a problem in v18 as it seems to be defaulted to off!





No general problem

taxrebel | | Permalink

I have never experienced this and restore earlier versions regularly to v18.

The reports generally come from company.000  You haven't moved/emptied the company.000 reports folders have you?  Alternatively try resetting the "Use Data Path for Reports" box.  I think you need to close then reopen Sage to apply the change.


Sage Backups

jeffcoe | | Permalink

Sounds to me like a data path problem. It maybe that you are restoring the data to a directory that does not include the reports. 

Open Sage in the Company where you have restored the data. Select "Help" and then "About".

Click on "Data Directory" and then go back one level to the Company path. You should then see a folder marked reports. Open this to see if all reports are shown.

If none are shown then you will need to copy these from another Company path into this Directory.

Hope this helps


johndon68 | | Permalink

It's not one I've come across and I get data only backups all the time.

I've just done the following (which I assume recreates what you are doing):

1. Taken a data only backup of a dataset in v2012.

2. I've then created a new company and restored the backup in to that company.

3. I've then run a few sample reports and they all work OK.


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Many thanks JeffCoe...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... just got round to this, worked a treat.

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