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A bit naughty but very funny

If you want a laugh on this blustery Friday afternoon, read the reviews of this product.


With apologies in advance to anyone offended by this....



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Funny but...

thisistibi | | Permalink

Quite old now... been sent it 5 times already!

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Really funny

weaversmiths | | Permalink

Who said Accountants were boring - got to go and renew my eye make up - look like a panda, hope nobody calls, cannot stop laughing .  Haven't heard of most of  all those names for your nether regions, gents.


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I never realised that reviews ...

ShirleyM | | Permalink

... could be so entertaining. Absolutely brilliant!   :)

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Oh dear - eyes streaming

Democratus | | Permalink

Luckily i havve a cold so the staff aren't suspicious but that was excellent - thanks.

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Brilliant    1 thanks

petew | | Permalink

Loved every minute of that, never has my 11 o'clock banana break been so amusing!

Taxhound, you are a star!

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BigBadWolf | | Permalink

I just cant stop laughing .... All my colleagues think i've gone mad

List of ingredients

Paulsoper | | Permalink

Not only is it taking it, the second listed ingredient is it...  Is the same formulation used for their other products one wonders?

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