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Book reviewer required - two new business titles


We've got our hands on two new books - "Internet Business Commerce and Tax" by Julian J B Hickey and "Templeton's Way With Money" by Jonathan Davis and Alasdair Nairn.

Are any members of this group willing to review either for AccountingWEB?

Please let us know if you're interested - the book will be yours to keep, but you'll have to give us a review in return!


Go Forth & Multiply

bobhurn | | Permalink

Is the title of my first book published last October.  I am currently working on a second entitled 'Robin Friday 9' (Reading & Cardiff City supporters of a certain age will understand).  I would be pleased to review the two titles.

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eve2206 | | Permalink


I would love to review one of them.


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Would be happy to review one

taxhound | | Permalink

Particularly the second if this has not already been taken.


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Both taken now    1 thanks

robertlovell | | Permalink

Many thanks to the first two respondents. The books will be in the post shortly. Sorry Taxhound - you'll be top of the list when we get any new titles in.

Regards, Rob

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