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I'm clearing out a few books which might be of interest to somebody starting up...


Steve Pipe - The UK's Best Accountancy Practices - £28  - (the bible for any startup)

Smarter Selling - Dugdale and Lambert - detailing next gen selling strategies - £4


The next 2 are a bit older but useful background - (this years are £130) -

FL Memo Accountancy & Financial Reporting 2007 - £10

FL Memo VAT (2007/8) - £10


Or £45 the lot.





northcote154 | | Permalink

Update, Steve Pipes book now sold.


Love to shift the other 3 - feeling generous today so how about a tenner for all 3 of them?

Update - disclosure books

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I have a complete set of PWC disclosure books as per the below link

Straight out of the box, unused.  usually £175 but I'm offering them for £75


Hope they will be of use for somebody starting up.



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