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... and I'm grumpy!    1 thanks

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It's maybe better if I stay off AWeb today   :(

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don't moan

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I have had and still have no phone/internet etc since the early hours of Saturday morning!!

Cable thieves apparently

Have had to get a mobile internet stick to try and do some work today!!

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Ohhh... Marion :(

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It's bad for that to happen at any time ... but the timing couldn't be much worse for you.

I hope it gets resolved soon and the culprits are caught and 'educated' about the effects of their crime!

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Personally ...    1 thanks

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... I would use them to bridge the gap where the cable was, and turn the power on full!

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Phone back on now - have been told by a business user that when she enquired the reason for long delays was that when cable was stolen you never repaired within a certain unspecified time as they just came ans stole it again - any BT or Openreach people out there to deny or confirm?

For whatever reason it was not treated as a priority yet we have in the exchange area a lot of elderly, doctors, schools, post office etc etc It could have had dire consequences pre dawn Saturday morning to Thursday tea time seems unbelievable to me

Rant over - now to catch up on some work  

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I'm glad to hear you are restored to working order ;)

I can't help you with the query over deliberate delays to repairing the cable, but we use BT, and it may just be the normal incompetence.

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