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Born Dull?! Personality of the Year 2012?

As a bit of light relief in the run-up to Christmas, we're reviving the old Born Dull?! personality of the year prize as part of our expanded programme of community awards.

Just to remind you, Born Dull?! is devoted to celebrating those members of the profession who disprove the old stereotype that accountants are boring.

Previous winners include our FD/CEO diarist, Excel guru Simon Hurst, and Howard Potter, the accountant who went on such a notorious bender on Milennium eve that he took out an ad in his local paper to apologise for his multiple indiscretions.

This year, there are already some interesting contenders, including Jenni Frost for her efforts to compile a Naked Accountants calendar, and Duff McKagan, the Guns 'n' Roses bassist who went back to college to study accountancy. (He's now dispensing financial advice to Playboy magazine readers and fellow musicians, but I don't think he's actually qualified as a CPA).

Feel free to nominate your own contenders for Born Dull?! personality of the year by commenting below. If you agree with any of the nominations, click "Thanks" to cast your vote and we'll put forward the winner in our final pre-Christmas news wire.

Looking forward to seeing a few more stereotype-busters in the weeks ahead!


Death and Taxes    3 thanks

AANM | | Permalink

I would like to nominate goth accountant Jennifer Coderre of Death and Taxes. She sure does blow the boring stereotype out of the water:)

Calendar update    3 thanks

Shirley Martin | | Permalink

My vote would be for Miss October, although the calendar has been rescheduled for 2014.  So if you don't get to vote this year you'll get another chance next year!

The calendar was initially delayed due to production problems.  Then Miss October, who was the lynchpin to the whole enterprise, had a serious family emergency.  The participants decided last week to move the calendar back to 2014, when it can have the blaze of publicity it and Miss October rightly deserve.

Kind regards


Monsoon's picture

Not voting for myself so my vote is for Duff!

Monsoon | | Permalink

As a longtime Guns and Roses fan, the news about Duff, above, was news to me but brought a smile to my face. So, my vote would go there. However, in the interests of 'supporting local,' the  onceuponatime-goth in me votes for Psyche.

Monsoon aka Miss October - accountant, AAT Past Presidents award winner, anti-capitalist, hippy, pole dancer and all round non-stereotype :)


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