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Brownie point for HMRC!

I've decided to post up every good HMRC call or letter for 2 reasons:

1.  I spend so much time knocking them on this and other sites.

2.  I want to see over the course of a year how many there are.

I've been trying to strike off a company for a client, I believe the previous accountant was making a mess of things.  Either way, they have failed to respond to 2 letters and fobbed me off 3 times by phone.

Adrian of Merthyr office clearly knows his stuff.  From HMRC's point of view it looks like the company owes money, from what my client has said this is probably just poor accounting.  We had a good discussion, he is sending out what information they have, has given me his phone number and we're going to work together to come to the right answer without short-changing the Treasury.

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you sure Adrian didn't have a wooly coat?

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