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Business Intelligence tool using Kashflow data

Instant financial dashboards from Kashflow accounting data.

More than ever, small businesses need all the help they can get to work smart, stay competitive and make better decisions. As an accountant you are currently probably making the most of spreadsheets to create management report packs for your clients, but do they really understand them and are you able to convey your knowledge of their business to help them make informed decisions.

In October 2012 Smeebi launched Business Intelligence designed and priced specifically for SMEs and their advisors. Smeebi are now near to launching an API for use with Kashflow. We would like your feedback to gauge interest, and encourage you to try it for yourself. If you are interested in creating a financial dashboard with reporting, analysis and planning then please email with the subject "Kashflow Super User". In exchange for constructive feedback we will extend a free subscription (usually priced monthly at 30 pounds for partners).

Accountants and business advisors can sign up as a partner at


Analysis by product, customer, location...

Rob Connell | | Permalink

Smeebi are developing mult-dimensional analysis to help run queries by product, customer, location, project. If you'd like to submit your requirements or help test the solution please contact Perhaps you had the tools in the past to look at performance by these dimensions but now in a small business the cost is too prohibitive? We'd like to hear more!

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