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Can VT support Sub Contractor CIS Accounts

Can a Ltd company accounts/book-keeping be done using VTT+ when the company is a CIS sub-contractor with deductions at 20% or 30%.   The company will apply for gross status in maybe a year but needs to handle the deductions in the meantime.

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Various methods    1 thanks

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VT does not handle CIS automatically, but it is fairly simple to work out a manual method.

I find the easiest way to keep track of it is to create a new dummy bank account called 'CIS suffered'. This can then be transferred to the Creditors-PAYE/NI on a monthly basis for offsetting.

See user guide/help topics

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There is some detailed help on how to enter CIS invoices in topic 2.19 in the user guide (same as the help topics).

Philip Hodgson
VT Software

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I would suggest Shirley's is an easier method than entering deductions on invoices. Not least because CIS reporting is on a cash basis and therefore the account entries will tie up better with Returns.

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it's simples    1 thanks

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when posting a SIN you post the gross sales, and the tax/cis deduction as a -ve entry on analysis line coded to other creds/cisland.


on purch it's the same but other way round obviously.


it's not really a vt issue, more a defect in qbooks/Sage?


HOWEVER i think the REAL question is

"how do i keep all the teeedious records to do cis right?


buy money manager/payroll manager payroll package. it's cis section runs cis serfs in a separate section and is sooooo eeeeasy 2 use. it makes the painful online filing simplicity itself, and u can produce the payment certs for the herberts, and get meaningful data out to write up VT.



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