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Can we use VT for Solicitors bookkeeping


Just want to know whether VT is appropriate for doing the bookkeeping for solicitors. Obviously there is the aspect of Office account and Clients' account to consider i.e movement of funds between the two accounts and then the reconciliation aspect. Can VT perform all the tasks that other bookkeeping legal software do and if yes how to go about it?



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but with multiple accounts etc QuickBooks is best


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Thank you for your response.  Is QuickBooks more straightforward than VT in that respect. To be honest I've never worked with QuickBook.



Possible but......

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It is possible to  use VT, as well as Sage, Quickbooks etc etc. but you'll soon regret it. Having a client account is no problem but running the corresponding client ledgers is a right pain for software that isn't designed to do this.

I've seen many small start-up firms of solicitors who don't want to fork out say £1,500 for software such as Lawbyte and would rather their book-keeper used an off the shelf accounts package, On every occasion it's ended in disaster and multiple breaches of SAR.

In my opinion it's just not worth trying, remember that for each client you are likely to have an 'office ledger' and a 'client ledger', you'll be transferring funds between the two, raising fee invoices, paying disbursements, receiving client funds, receiving part-payment of fees etc. Terribly messy, especially over time and as the firm grows.

I work with numerous solicitors accounts software and whilst the accounts side of it all tends to be a bit poor compared to standard accounts packages, at least it's designed to handle client ledgers. The real decision is usually for the law firm to decide how good the case management software is and time recording etc. Even for a small firm I have clients who have spent anywhere between £1,500 and £15,000. If you're looking at doing the book-keeping remotely for a firm then I believe may allow this (as do some other software packages I imagine), alternatively simply have any software installed on the clients system and you use Logmein to use their PC at some given time of the day.

What size of firm is it? What type of work do they do? Do they have any system in place currently or is it still manual or Excel?

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well i disagree .. slightly    1 thanks

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Sage and VT may not be any good ut QB definitely  IS

i run 2 solicitors accounts on it and it handles time , recharges and multiple client accounts easily

Sheepy enlighten me as to why you think it wont work , have you tried QB, do you have any vested interest?


Hi Sheepy

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Hi Sheepy

Thanks for your reply. I'll have a meeting with the solicitor next week. It's a small firm and they specialise in Immigration law. I understand that they do their bookkeeping partly manual and partly computerised ( which I imagine Excel). After the meeting I'll have a better idea.



Thanks for sharing! I agree

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I've set up VT transaction

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I've set up VT transaction Plus so that it can run a solicitors books ( as well as letting agents).


And with VT it's quick, easy and foolproof!

Think you would be better to

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Think you would be better to use dedicated solicitors accounts software.  I use vt for other jobs - it is great software - but i would not consider it for solicitors accounts - for clients bank account and office bank account etc

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