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Can you bring forward last year's data in VT Final Accounts?

Is there any way of bringing forward last year's data into the current year spreadsheet, or do you  have to set it all up again from scratch. I am not importing from VTT+


Presume last years is an

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Presume last years is an earlier version of Final Accounts. If so go to VT Final Accounts menu "Edit" then Copy Accounts Data. Open a new workbook and then choose Paste Accounts Data.

If you have added Financial Rows etc you will need to add these on new workbook before Pasting.

Then it's just a case of moving last years data to Comparative Column using the Copy Comparative command.

Hope this is what you wanted to do.



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starting up

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if you are doing accts with cache flow stmnt, you might need to enter 3 years.

easiest way is to stick in each years tb into a vt file, and then just do the update.

e.g. you need 30.4.11 accts, so put into vt file tb for y/e 30.4.09, dated 30.4.09 jnl, then 2010
then in excel set current year as 30.4.09, and update from VT, then do the copy to prev yr command, and then set y/e as 2010, and update, then copy, then finally update for current 2011, and cashflow s'b fine.

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