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I've been using Capsule CRM for a few months now, and I love it.

I've set up recurring "tracks," which are linear task lists for recurring things, such as "sole trader accounts and tax return." This in turn populates your to do list.

What I plan to do come April 6th, is to sort all my clients by March YE (a label I can attach to a client) then email them all requesting books in. I tick the "requested books in" task, then it reminds me in 14 days to ask again if I've not already had the books in. 

This is how I plan to keep on top of getting info earlier this year...

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Email but phone quite soon

petersaxton | | Permalink

The software looks good, especially for smaller practices were it would be free!

I was planning on emailing a couple of times and then phoning.

The emails could explain the P11D issues with employer clients (if employers) and the advantage of knowing the tax due early.

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