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CEO Expenses - should I have questioned this?

I am the FC. My CEO submitted an expense claim, signed off by the chairman. There were several meals on this but there was only a receipt for one, and there was no explanation of what the meals were for. Also mileage was claimed for the receipted one when I know he lives near to the restaurant.

I questioned him on this claim. He became very defensive and said that it had been agreed with the chairman and that he doesn't need to justify himself to me.

Was I right to question this? 


Hide behind HMRC

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Just say you will need to have the details on file in case HMRC ask for them, so who was present, what was the purpose of the meal.

does your charity have an expenses policy that requires the information: if so you could just point out that you are following the procedures that are there to protect the charity and its staff from the appearance of possible misuse of funds.

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have you a dispensation in place?

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Unless you have a dispensation with hmrc for all meals (unlikely) amd assuming he is an employee then these expenses will need to be shown on his P11D. If you do have a dispensation in place it's terms are likely to only cover meals on overnight trips. As FC it's likely you are the one responsible for PAYE and you need to ensure the charity is acting properly.

Also as a charity FC how can you account for the meals both in terms of nominal accounts (meeting beneficiaries, overnight subsistence, entertainment) and funding streams (general or restricted). I assume from your remarks your charity has a policy of expenses only with receipts?


Plenty for you to hide behing (HMRC, charity SORP, internal policies) and the accounts of charities need to be transparent.


100% right to challenge you cannot do your job without the facts and secrecy would only lead me to further investigations



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