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CFG & PKF to explore how to get real value for money in charities

Charity Finance Group (CFG) and PKF Accountants & business advisers have today opened their latest annual survey exploring risks affecting charities.

The survey, 'Managing risk: Making the most of your resources,' will support analysis of how charities are managing risks that could prevent managers and trustees from making the most effective use of what they have. In particular it will assess how charities can get the best from their people, intangible assets and other assets.

Caron Bradshaw, CEO of CFG said: "Making the most of resources is hardly a new concept for our sector. However, we know pressure to do more with less is prevailing right now and we want to get under the surface of how professionals in the sector are making decisions regarding use of resource in this climate.  We are sure there are some interesting experiences and ideas to be shared here."

Last year’s survey explored challenges and opportunities as charities deal with an unprecedented combination of policy, social and financial changes. It also provided a steer as to the pitfalls for charities and how best to avoid them.

Ian Mathieson, head of charities at PKF, said: “Resources remain tight, which is why delivering good value for money is more important than ever.

“This is about selecting the right options in the delivery of strategy. It is about the way that resources are procured, developed and utilised and how risks around higher costs, lower efficiency or reduced effectiveness are managed. This year’s report will aim to provide managers and trustees with practical guidance in these key areas.”

Caron continued: “I hope this survey does not unearth an under-current of highly risk-averse attitudes in the sector. Achieving the most ‘bang from your buck’ will always require innovation, which in turn comes with a level of risk. Solid management of this risk, and of the assets you have, is essential. It will be interesting to see how charities are supporting staff and volunteers as well as their beneficiaries, as you can't do one without the other!"

Participants can complete the survey online from midday Wednesday 20 June here

The results of the 'Managing Risk: Making the most of your resources' survey will be announced in November.

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Quite a lot of the charities I look at still have DB pension schemes. Perhaps Caron could start there?

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