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Change Default Bank Account?


Hi, I have 2 main bank accounts, an OLD bank account - no longer used and a NEW bank account which is active. The old bank account is 1200The new bank account is 1205. Unless every time I open Sage I choose Modules -> Bank and select 1205, then 1200 is chosen and soemtimes I enter a transaction into the wrong bank account. I have tried to delete the 1200 in a new comapny I recently opened but I'm not allowed, as it is the 'default' bank account. Does anyone know a way or is there a setting to make the default bank account 1205 ? Thanks


Default Bank Account

johndon68 | | Permalink

Go to Settings -> Control Accounts and you can change the default bank account there.


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Default Bank Account

harleygrove | | Permalink

You got there quicker than me, John. 

Anyway, I quickly recorded a short video to explain, so if of use you can view it here (you'll need to turn on your speakers to get the best result).

Any questions, call me on 0845 8800767, email me at 

You might want to also look at


Solved !

D_Smith | | Permalink

Thanks for your help !

I've changed the defaults now.


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