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changing font sizes

We use Exchequer version 6.10.1 and Windows 7.

We are having difficulties increasing Exchequer's font size above 9.

Iris advise that we should not change the default setting on the Control Panel in Windows as Exchequer is not compatible with the 2 increases in size offered by Windows.

But also we find that if we increase Exchequer above font size 9 the ledger and transaction displays can't cope and the letter/number characters don't show fully but run into each other.

Has anyone found a solution to this please? We need to be able to set the font size to at least 10 and preferably 12.

Also has anyone found a way to change all the screen displays in Exchequer in one place. Iris advise that you have to change every screen view individually - I use just about every available screen and this therefore takes ages to cover all of sales, purchases, general ledger, etc.

I'd be glad to know if other people have raised this query with Iris as the support people we have spoken to are not taking it seriously even though we have explained that being able to change screen displays and font sizes is an important health and safety issue especially for people working with Exchequer all day.

Many thanks


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Changing Font Size - Limitations

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We are also on Exchequer version 6.10.1 and Windows 7. Our experience is that a font size of 10 works okay, 11 starts to distort or run into the row below etc. 12 is definitely a problem. We are using quite large monitors throughout the business (typically 24” as the smallest to 27” as the norm) and mine is set to a resolution of 1920 x 1080. However, I am not sure whether either the screen size or resolution have any impact on this issue. We have never bothered reporting the issue to IRIS for the reasons you have stated as your experience. I suspect it is simply one of those things that is low on their priority list despite the H & S compliance ramifications. Sorry I cannot shed any further light on this or be more helpful.

Peter Marsh (Turbo Dynamics Ltd)

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