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Cloud based Business Intelligence for the SME and their advisor

Business Intelligence designed and priced specifically for SMEs and their advisors.

More than ever, small businesses need all the help they can get to work smart, stay competitive and make better decisions. Is business intelligence in the cloud the way to go to deliver this? Smeebi are striving to deliver a low cost solution for you and your clients. We need your feedback to assess demand and enhance the service and we'll offer extended free trials for any active super users. Just email with the subject "Cloud Super User" or visit

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does this actually make sense?

listerramjet | | Permalink

small businessmen with head in the cloud.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me!

Thanks to the Super Users

Rob Connell | | Permalink

SaaS BI seems to be growing a rate of knots for the Enterprise market. Practicing accountants may well be key players to help SMEs adopt the technology too. Latest forecast show a 16.52 billion dollar industry for 2018. So thank you to the Super Users who have registered and their feedback so far, keep it coming as the offer remains open and now we have integration for Kashflow and Xero, with more coming soon!

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