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Club Accounts Package

Hi All


As I've just been elected treasurer of a new club , can anyone recommend a cheqp / freeware accounting package for such a small roll


Many thanks





chatman | | Permalink

Never used this but someone recommended it recently on AWeb. It is free. Alternatively, there is this for £30.

VT Cashbook

Sarah P | | Permalink

Free to download and simple to use.

Do you need software?

The Rogue | | Permalink

Do you need software?  I have had a similar role and I reckon that a simple spreadsheet or even a paper cashbook was fine.

VT Cashbook

chatman | | Permalink

Sarah at Weaver wrote:
Free to download and simple to use.

Can't believe I neglected to mention VT Cashbook. It's great and free, as Sarah mentioned.

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