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A complete trial balance

I am wanting to create a report showing the nominal balances (Irrespective of whether there has ever been any transactions posted to the account.) on a given date. I used to have the report in Excel but thanks to our IT "experts" altering the network I have no access to it. If somebody could let me know how to set it up in Sage I would be extremely grateful.


As you need it...

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Try using the Transactional Trial Balance located in Financials, Reports, Trial Balance Reports.

Run the report leaving the first date as is and put in the To date and you will get your report.

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..A complete trial balance

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Try this and see if it is what you want.

Go to Company - Financials - Reports

Under Trial Balance Reports select Transactional Trial Balance

This allows you to put a from and to date so should give you what you need


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I had tried that report but the Nominal Accounts that have never had a transaction entered (Don't ask why not!) were not reported. I have now corrected the omissions by putting in a dummy transaction in each account and the reversing the entry. A slight pain but it works.

Thanks very much for taking the time to help.



How do I export part of the MYOB to the Microsoft Excel?

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Could someone please guide me on how to export part of the data in the MYOB to the Microsoft Excel? Thank you very much.

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