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Compliments for accountants

Feeling low this self assessment season? 

PracticeWEB has set up a compliment generator specifically for accountants - click on the link for a little boost to your day! 

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wrong on both counts but thanks anyway    1 thanks

carnmores | | Permalink

Not only are you gorgeous but you're great at minimising corporation tax

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Made me feel good

weaversmiths | | Permalink

A long standing client came to see me the other day and said "My life changed for the better when I met you".  Wasn't that nice?  I first started acting for him in 1977 when he had three separate firms and an aged  accountant that had charged him for the previous 4 years but had done nothing.  It wasn't too hard to impress (:-).


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Going toooooo far.

pedant | | Permalink

How come you are an expert in just about everything? 


(This provokes the comment " You're just a massive bighead, aren't you?".)

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Keep clicking...

rsergeant | | Permalink

I think there are a few more up and live thanks to the suggestions that have been submitted. Why not...?

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