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Computation of Fuel Waste.

Hi Everyone

I have new client who is  a private car hire- (Mini-Cab) Driver.

He has not got all the receipts for the fuel he used and I would like to find out that,

What would be the average percentage for fuel waste due to age of the car and traffic in London?

Wheicle is  4 years old.

Is there any publication or website to get this information?

I already established, through the car manufacturer how many miles this car does when new and also historical petrol prices etc. I only need to add waste to get the total cost.

I would like to thank you in advance for your contributions.


Fuel Waste

Gethin4tax | | Permalink

This is peculiar to teh car, the driver and the driving conditions. I suggest you select a smple period of say 3 months. Note the mileage at start and end of period and ensure all receipts are retained and you statt and finish with a full tank.

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