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I am working on some cost accounting at the moment and have a particular problem relating to depreciation.

Is there a forum on AW that discusses cost accounting?


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No - but we're thinking about it now!

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Sorry for the slow reply - we're still catching up with the bank holiday backlog.

I'm also sorry that we don't have anything specific lined up to cater for your specific issues. Once I've offered you a few pointers on where you might go in the short term, I'll be turning my attention to doing something about that.

First, I would suggest posting your query on our Any Answers page. This is the busiest place on the whole of AccountingWEB and someone from the community usually comes forward to help with most queries. you might be able to source some advice or comparable situations by searching through the Any Answers archive for "depreciaton", "cost accounting" or any other key phrase that applies to your situation.

We do have a member, Louise Ross, who has a management accounting blog on the site, but hasn't posted for some time now. I've emailed her to alert her to your query and hope that it might stimulate her interest.

Finally, we do have extensive archives on some of the topics that may interest you, which may not show up that prominently in search results. Have a look at some of these topic "tag pages" and see if they can help:

While you chew through that lot, I'm going to search around for more leads, and to take soundings about opening up a new cost accounting discussion group, like the ones for Sage 50 Accounts, Cloud computing and so on. I'll report back here if we decide there's enough interest to go ahead with one.

Thanks for your interest, and our team will try their hardest to ensure that can come up with some practical assistance for you.

Thanks !

D_Smith | | Permalink

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply - I have posted my question on the Any Answers page that you mentioned, my question is at the link below:

In the meantime I'll be checking out the resources you listed in your reply.

Thanks again.






Takes me back to my youth !!

jpcc1 | | Permalink

Takes me back to my youth !!  when we were Cost and Management accountants, not Chartered Management Accountants and Chartered Global Management Accountants !!


Any one else out there remember when we were good-old-honest-down-to-earth Cost and Works accountants???


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