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VT transactions and VT Accounts

I have created new nominal codes within cost of sales but when I transfer to VT accounts it does not recognise it.

Can anyone help me?


I thought VT did it for you

chatman | | Permalink

When I do that, VT Final Accounts tells me there are some accounts unallocated to headings and asks me which headings I want to put them under. Have I misunderstood the question?

 You are right it does state

JaimalChandarana12 | | Permalink

 You are right it does state which headings I want to put under. I want to show separate heading so client can see cost of coach hire, hotel cost etc. Is there any way I can create separate nominal accounts within VT accounts so it mirror VT Transaction plus

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Read the manual

BigBadWolf | | Permalink

Read the vt manual!

I have looked at VT manual

JaimalChandarana12 | | Permalink

I have looked at VT manual and could not see any relevant section. Please let me know the chapter number.

insert financial row    1 thanks

Azeem_Ali | | Permalink

There's a button on the menu to insert new financial row. Firstly under the trial balance analyser you will need to setup the relefent headings for the various cos that you have and then allocate them to each other. Then in the menu bar you will see a button that looks like a £ sign. You need to click on that to insert the new heading into the p&l. I do this on the detailed p&l so it's visible on there and just feeds through to the main p&l. I would search under help for insert financial row as im sure it gives details under that section.

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method two    1 thanks

mr. mischief | | Permalink

Agreed last post.  Also you can just do a normal copy and paste, then set up the new row.  You can get the row reference from the Trial Balance and edit the formula to that reference.

The insert row command is quicker obviously but I sometimes get little glitches with it, rather than work it out I just use the Excel method.

Thanks Azeem and Mr mischief.

JaimalChandarana12 | | Permalink

Thanks Azeem and Mr mischief. Details profit and loss now make sense.


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