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CPA or ACFA or QIA or CGPA ?



Im a CA (ICAP) Finalist student (having an MBA as well) residing in Pakistan. I want to add some ammunition to my Certifications arsenal. The options I have explored are as follows (click to open relevant website):

The certifications mentioned above are part of continuation and contingency planning to guard against the risk of delay in completion of CA. I want to complete at least two (2) of the aforementioned certifications from an educator's point of view. Kindly spare some minutes and suggest which will be the best option for me.




Note: Main stream qualifications such as CA (ICAEW) and ACCA are not an option due to the amount of time required in these qualifications. However, I will pursue CA (ICAEW) on completion of my CA (ICAP) after taking exemptions.



I wouldn't bother

HudsonCo | | Permalink

If you're working in the UK then I would only bother with ICAEW or ACCA.

In 20+ years I've only heard of CPA which is a membership and not a qualification. Don't undervalue yourself by buying a few meaningless extra letters after your name.

Thanks for your reply. Do you

sulehri | | Permalink

Thanks for your reply. Do you mean CPA do not conduct any examination? I have asked them about exams and they are saying that they are revising their examination scheme.


I have no plans to come to UK, I am and will remain in Pakistan. I am a lecturer and thus want a couple of qualifications to fill the void for a year or two, during which I wrap-up my CA.

Better to Stay there.

thesoraj | | Permalink

It is better to stay in Pakistan because your qualification is highly recognized there.

Not in UK.

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