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I don't really know anything about exchequer but I am working for a client on a web project which will replace exchequer with sage and a bespoke system.

We need to move data out of exchequer and into the new web based system.

We have access to the exchequer database via odbc and exported it into mysql.

Now I have a couple of questions regarding the data format of a couple of fields.

This is the first one for now

in the table customers the columns cuCredLim_1 and cuCredLim_2 show values that don't match the ones on when you look in exchequer. Can anyone explain how this works and where the real values are?


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Hi Stephen,

Exchequer stores all its decimal data as split integers. To get at the data via ODBC is difficult.

We have software that does this ExSync. It is something that we can do as a service. Depending on how much data the client wants out.

There are other ways of doing it with the com toolkit.

I think our service would be more cost efficient.

Contact us and we can help you.

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