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Debtors and Creditor balance

On VT stat accounts,debit balance on Director current accounts is reducing accruals figures instead of showing as a Debtors. This is wrong. Does anyone know how I can show as a debtors on balance sheet and notes on debtors.


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Move account

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If you are using VTT+ then move the directors account to the debtors ledger, then refresh balances.

Alternatively, do it directly in VT Final Accounts    1 thanks

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Alternatively, in VT Final Accounts in the VT Final Accounts drop-down menu, select Tools and then Trial Balance Analyser (second option down). The Trial Balance Analyser window opens and you can select the director's current account in the first column. A list of statutory account heading then appears in the right-hand window and you just select the heading under which you want your director's balance to appear.

So, to clarify:

1. VT Final Accounts drop-down menu (the first drop-down menu)

2. Tools

3. Trial Balance Analyser

4. Select account in left-hand window

5. Select heading in right-hand window

6. Click OK.

Thank you.

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Thank you.

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