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December 21st 2012

So, given the world is due to end in just over a year and I am much more inclined to believe the Mayans or whoever compared to that nutter who keeps claiming the Rapture is coming, I've been thinking about my last year on Earth.

But then I started to wonder, is this actually a 'credible' thing?  As in, did an ancient people actually predict it would end on 21/12/2012 (or equivalent) or is this just one of those things that has been read into in an attempt to create another doomsday theory?  I'm not speculating on whether it is true btw, just whether someone has said 'the world will end' or whether there were huge leaps in conclusions to get from 'we found this stone calendar' to 'and the world will end'.

Anyone a secret Mayan scholar?

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Don't worry = Flash will save us

Democratus | | Permalink

He's never let us down - so far.

I'm taking bookings...

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

Not sure whether to go for envelopes of used £20s or goods of some sort, working on the basis that cash is only any good if civilisation as we know it (and I use the term loosely) still exists. Tins of baked beans and biscuits might be more useful..... (please check the use by dates - I'd rather not have to eat everything within a month of meltdown). I'll take Constantly for free, being one of god's little creatures....

It would suck if it was true - I may not have any great burning ambitions or an exciting life but I do quite enjoy bumbling along through life in my own special way.  

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Mmm ... the Mayans

Steve Holloway | | Permalink

Not exactly experts in the whole end of civilisation prediction thing were they!? You'd think the opening of the first Tapas bar should have been enough to convince them that the Spanish weren't just on hols!

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says that we are in the winter of the earths life, which means lots of snow and the occassional window of sunshine. It really is not difficult to predict that one day the earth is going to do all the things that the documentaries says it will, but not for a few million years. So if we are to half believe the mayans then something will change dramatically next year. Have a look around the world and tell me that is not the case.

Baked beans and biscuits - don't care what date they got on them.

Now lets really get the party going - who believes that humans are not of this planet?   

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palindromically speaking it should end on

carnmores | | Permalink

21022012 but the zeitgeist will doubtless come and go AGAIN

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and of course all the med euro nations

carnmores | | Permalink

suffer terribly from the siesta , are they perhaps related

The end

Neil Douglas | | Permalink

If the world does end, the pools panel will have to sit every week.

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Is it another year 2000

Jaynied | | Permalink

Is it another year 2000 problem, were all the computers were going to crash! Its those computer experts again not the Mayans!

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My favourite take on the whole thing    2 thanks

Henry Osadzinski | | Permalink

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