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Departmental Reporting

Can anyone comment on how possible / good departmental reporting, (ie similar to Classes in QuickBooks), is from some of the cloud packages - especially interested in Xero, Kashflow, QuickFile & QuickBooks Online

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Tracking in Xero

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Hi Malcolm

Xero provides two Tracking Categories - explained in Xero Help as - which can be defined such that departmental reporting is possible. They're floating tracking codes and so don't rely on you defining a rigid cost centre coding structure in your chart of accounts.

Hope this helps.

Gary Turner
Managing Director, Xero

Hi Malcolm,

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Hi Malcolm,

We're not on your list, but I thought I'd chime in as well - AccountsPortal allows you to set up categories (, which you can then allocate on each transaction line item, and generate reports upon.

Jon, CEO AccountsPortal

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Aqilla provides a simple but powerful mechanism for adding user definable fields to virtually any document, journal or form. The fields are known as Attributes and are normally used to capture additional analysis for subsequent reporting or analysis.  Validation can be defined against an Attribute such as defining the type of data (text, dates, integers and values), acceptable ranges and lists of valid entries.  Attributes are created using the Attribute Wizard. Examples of Attributes could include (i) Salesman on a Sales Invoice header; (ii) Colour and Size of an item on a Sales Invoice detail line; (iii) Contract Number on a Purchase Invoice line; (iv) Project Owner on a Project definition or (v) Region on a Customer record.  Thus by limiting the fields on the screen to only the fields that are necessary to support your business process and by using your business’ own terminology, Aqilla is faster and much more intuitive to use.

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Fully supported in KashFlow

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Its enabled on Settings - Project Settings.

Also renamable to anything you like and lots of other configuration options.

You can then run most reports filtered based on project/department.'s picture

Fully supported in Twinfield

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It is a basic feature of Twinfield which allows you not only to report by department but also by sub-department of required. There are no complicated  routines simply analyse by department and you will have on-line reports for costs, income, profit and loss etc...



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