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Discussion Groups - date/time last updated

This has been mentioned before but nothing has changed so I thought I would ask if there are any plans to improve this.

I don't like the discussion groups as they are now. I used to be able to scroll down the list and see when each group was last updated. I can't do this anymore. I know I could wait for my daily email update, but it would be nice to have this facility back, if possible.

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Editing posts in discussion groups

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Another problem is that we cannot edit posts in discussion groups. Edit only gives the option to amend who can view the post.

Comments are ok, they can be edited, it is just the original post.

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Another thing I would like!

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When a question comes up and you know you have commented on a similar one, it is really hard to find your posts.

To me it would make sense if the comment I have made on my profile were listed first by thread title with the number of comments I have made on that thread, then a '+' to click to see the comments. This is what most forums have.

Just having them listed by the title I use makes it really hard to go back and find a post, especially for someone as prolific as me!

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