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Do Accountants make good decorators?

Having been coaxed into decorating (only painting) hall stairs and landing this weekend I wondered how many Accountants get their clients to do it.


All my own work!

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

I do mine myself - it may not be perfect (okay, it definitely isn't perfect) but it's my handiwork. I even managed to do the wall up the stairs and the ceiling above the stairwell. That needs more practice (it was my first attempt & I had to get a bit creative) but it's a good feeling when you finish. But I am soooooooo glad I moved to a house with UPVC windows - no more window frames to gloss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm hoping to be asked to do the Sistine Chapel next year :)

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Yes and....

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

I've taught my wife all I know!

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I have heard that

johnjenkins | | Permalink

women make the best decorators? My wife will be helping me. Tea, bacon sarnies etc.

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My wife claims she is not allowed to paint by me!

Democratus | | Permalink

This is patently not true.......she is just not allowed to paint badly by me.

Since she claims she isn't allowed and I don't want to do it and am too stingey to pay a professional there's a bit of a stand off in "Chez D".



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I hate doing it ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... but hate others doing it too as they never do it as well as me!

Flash, best thing I bought was a combination ladder thingy from Wickes (£120, very cheap to save a broken neck!). It has two seperate ladders that can be used as a step ladder, as short extending ladder, or most brilliantly, has a "plank" that fits between the two so you can make a platform for stairwells (i.e. put on a low rung of one ladder and a high rung of the other, so it makes like a terrace up the stairs so you can do the long drop in safety! (or you can offset the step ladder to do the stairs too - one of the best things I ever bought

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HATE decorating

taxhound | | Permalink

I have just spent the last three days decorating the bedroom and am fed up!  We do a little bit every year, and I hate it even more each time.

Will be checking out my clients for next time...

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Really we should use

johnjenkins | | Permalink

our clients.If you cost it out we can earn a lot more by not having days off or do we secretly think that we can do most things? The contrast between the mental and physical can be attractive. My brother-in-law is a plasterer but when he comes home loves tinkering with computers.

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The only physical I want after work ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... is the lurving kind - lol

I don't mind the painting, it is the 90% preparation that gets on my moobs!

(which is the bit a decorator will "gloss over" and why I do it myself)

That said, I would love to learn plastering, everything else needs so many tools it takes longer getting everything together than actually doing the task!

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It's the same as putting

johnjenkins | | Permalink

accounts together. 90% preparation. I'm glad to see you don't "gloss over" the prep.

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Jaynied | | Permalink

I think being an accountant means you pay more attention to detail so I do the decorating as I could not stand anybody else doing it and not doing it properly. The husband does not get a look in either, but he's pleased with that ;)

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I do

Mouse007 | | Permalink

Just don't have enough time

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