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Do you still send proper Christmas Cards?

Do you still send proper Christmas Cards in the post to your clients?  Obviously it is a much smaller investment to send email cards.  However, does that make your client feel less special?

What do you think?


Clients response

exceljockey | | Permalink

This year I personally wrote a Christams card to each client and, after much hand cramp, sent them off.

Many clients have phoned and thanked me for the personal touch - they seemed to appreciate the effort and the lack of "corporateness" in a hand written card.

I dont have 100's of clients though!

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I send cards ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... in fact I can put this years off no longer and must do them tonight!

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mr. mischief | | Permalink

Yes.  For "A" list clients I also send a personal gift produced by one of my clients.  This year it was a small box of top quality chocalates as one of my clients is a chocolatier.  Not allowable for corporation tax but never mind....



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Chocalates ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... I thought it was Chocklet! :o)

As a client, I would rather

ringi | | Permalink

As a client, I would rather not get a Christmas card unless it was.

  • Personal
  • And/Or contained a newsletter worth reading

So way not write a nice newsletter about the developments in your company to include with the card and write someone that is personal to the client in the card.    Otherwise don’t send me a card, as a none-personal card is just telling me I am not on the “A list”.

(I see most email cards as just SPAM, and they may got all messages from your company classes as SPAM from that point on – it costs you nothing unless you make it personal to me, therefore it is of no value to me)

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Great opportunity

taxhelpukcom | | Permalink

Two years ago I sent them, but last year I decided not to...


However with it being even more important to keep in touch with clients in the current climate I decided to send cards again this year.


I wrote a blog about this topic recently:

and how it is a great opportunity and a very affordable cost.


The idea of including something with the card also works well - one year I included branded chocolates and had a great response.

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I personally loathe email    1 thanks

justinelaws | | Permalink

I personally loathe email cards and would never send one.

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Spreadsheet cards!    2 thanks

taxhelpukcom | | Permalink

I received an christmas card that was embedded into a spreadsheet this week!


It's certainly something I haven't seen before - reindeer that moved when you clicked on them all as part of the spreadsheet.

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Christmas Cards

excelaccountz | | Permalink

It need not have to be Christmas cards, but it can be different way.

Can send SMS messages to clients on Christmas day & New Year's day and wishing them well for that year.

You can buy a SMS package and send it as one group from Excel Spreadsheet, if you have the mobile numbers of your clients in Excel.

Every body nowadays carry a smart phone and hence they like to be wished during those days personally by you




I'd never send an email Xmas

Azolla | | Permalink

I'd never send an email Xmas card - I find them irritating myself and often you can't open them properly!

I usually send handwritten Xmas cards to clients but I didn't do it this year. I was very pushed for time and from previous years I wasn't entirely convinced that clients were bothered at all or even if they noticed.

On balance I think if you have the time it's worth sending out cards since there's nothing to lose other than a bit of your time and it does give you an extra snippet of client contact if you don't communicate with them frequently.

Clearstone Business Services provide bookkeeping services to clients across London.


Christmas Messages

Wilston | | Permalink

Christmas is big event which is celebrates in whole world,as you have cards for this special event we have a big nice collection of Christmas Messages

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taxhelpukcom | | Permalink

Interesting to come back to this a couple of years later.

For 2013 I switched to ecards instead of paper ones, and made a donation to the RNLI instead.

I'd noticed the number of paper cards sent in 2012 decreased dramatically.

Certainly there have been changes over the last few years with the rise of kindle/etc - I now read my newspaper via an app instead of the printed version too.

Magazines are also much easier with a10" retina display, the older displays didn't have the resolution to read small print without zooming.

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