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Do you use your professional body logo on your website?

Hi everyone

I have been wondering over the past few weeks how people feel about using their professional body logo on their websites as a marketing tool.

This has come about following some discussions I have had with people recently who say that they don't bother and don't feel that customers pay too much attention to stuff like that.

I find that really surprising.

Surely it's all part of the service offering, part of your brand, what you stand for etc.

And if you do use it on your website where do you put it?  On your home page? on your about us? In the bottom left/right hand corners?

Any thoughts or views to share on this?



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Why wouldn't you?    1 thanks

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If you have worked hard to obtain a professional qualification that is held in high regard by the business community, why wouldn't you use it on your web site. It will not "put off" those who don't recognise it, but it will definitely add credence to your firm for those that do. We use it in the footer for each and every page, see

Phil Wood


ps If you are a member and / or a member firm of the ICAEW, be sure you change to the latest logo soon if you have not already done so, see 

Yes and its hyperlinked to ICAEW directory    1 thanks

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Yes we do use it and the logo itself has a hyperlink which is linked to ICAEW member's directory. You can have a look at . We use it on everypage i.e. its part of the format. Professional bodies have certain rules with respect to its useage. It is worth looking at them.


Now the question is whether clients look at it or not. It depends on the size and type of clients. Small client do not bother but the professional like solicitors  etc are interested in your qualification and the firm's affiliation.


I personally think even if no one looks at it you shall still use it because it’s a privilege you have paid for so why not use it and secondly, it might work as awareness to prospective client against the unqualified accountants



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I  agree with the above posters.  Yes have it on Website , also if you are Yell .com have it there as well.  

I have it on my website , my headed paper , my pdf invoices.   

You might me very surprised how interested your clients are and your new potential clients.

Like the website    1 thanks

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Impressed with the website Phil!

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Web Site

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Thanks pdh666
Mike Couzens at Online Practice is the man responsible, with a bit of input from us as well of course!
Phil Wood

I don't like it!

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The ICAEW imposed their new logo on us. I much preferred the old one and used it. I hate the new one so don't use it. Also, as it prints out very poorly on letterheads in black (red ink costs money!), I seldom use it on them either. Using the words "Chartered Accountant" is quite sufficient for those clients who can read - and there are no words on the new logo!!

Be careful

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Although it can be impressive to use the ICAEW logo for example on your website, it is important to consider the rules surrounding its usage. I only use the logo once on my website,, in order to not contravene the ICAEW regulations.

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Everywhere indeed :)

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That's my thoughts exactly Sarah. 

Interesting you mention about letter head too as I had this discussion with someone just this week who had put so much work and effort into a marketing letter they were sending and the one bit that was missing from my view was the ICAEW logo. 

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