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E-commerce website with Exchequer integration.



Hi everyone,


Does anyone know any supplier who develop E-commerce websites that integrates with Exchequer?


I would like the integration to automate:


  • stock codes, stock level


  • complex customer pricing structure that involves different price bands, quantity discounts, product range discounts, and multicurrency

Please send me your email

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Please send me your email address and phone number and I will be able to do this for you

Hi Samaliqi,

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Hi Samaliqi,

Many thanks for your reply.

At this point I am really looking to discuss what solutions there are for Exchequer e-commerce. We have been badly burnt in the past with web developers who were confident that they could deliver a trade website that integrated with Exchequer and failed to deliver costing us a lot of time and money. Right now we want to look at this again by exploring the options that are available.

E-commerce & Exchequer

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I work for Minerva Computers based in Potters Bar, Herts.  We've developed several sites that integrate fully with Exchequer. We have our own in-house team of .NET developers for a fully customised option if required, and are also resellers of the Prospectsoft e-commerce solution (which integrates with Exchequer).

Our website is www.minervacomputers.com and you can call our development team on 01707 607 130


John Doolan

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Exchequer E-Commerce

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We have been told off in the past for being too self-promotional and that this discussion group is here to discuss, not merely promote our own products and services. (Please be aware though we are a specialist Exchequer systems integrator www.exchequerdyanmics.com.)

My first word of advice is to do precisely this. Discuss, ask questions and get some information flow going. You will find plenty of hungry developers out here waiting to scoop your opportunity and grab your contact details to take this discussion out of here!

Your post is a great opportunity to discuss how you proceed with developing an e-commerce solution for Exchequer and act as a resource for anyone going down this road.

From your post you say that you have been burnt in the past, by failure. What does that look like? I am sure that many reading this discussion would find it helpful to know what went wrong so that they know what to look for.

Secondly, in your post you say you want:-

  • stock codes, stock level
  • complex customer pricing structure that involves different price bands, quantity discounts, product range discounts, and multicurrency

How does this look is it for Trade? Retail? Both?

Does your integration also require any specific payment service providers, warehouse systems or other back end systems?

We are currently working with Ocean Design http://www.oceandesign.co/ and have integrated their e-commerce solution into Exchequer. We have created a framework that not only integrates the e-commerce but can integrate any other part of the business present or future.

Our framework can be easily adapted to work with any database system MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, SAP. It can work with any or all simultaneously enabling Exchequer customers to not simply connect into a an e-commerce solution, but to act as a middle tier enabling easy adaptation to any or many different platforms at the same time. This opens up a wide range of excellent specialist systems to Exchequer customers instead of having to manage with what is currently ‘compatible’. Why shouldn’t Exchequer customers be able to integrate best of breed third party solutions into their system?

By way of example, we are currently working with Keymas Systems http://www.keymas.co.uk/ to integrate their warehousing and picking systems into Exchequer using our open framework.

We have taken a big picture view not just of e-commerce but creating the conduit to link Exchequer to any system.

That is not to say our solutions are right for you. But I think posts here should at least be informative and help you to consider what your options are as opposed to scooping up contact details.

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Jason's (Exsync) post sort of sums a lot up - there are many ways to integrate to Exchequer and many different requirements that people have - no one size fits all solution. The key therefore is to define what it is you expect your website to do, and then find a developer who can deliver that functionality.

The issues that I have come across with developers is they know their stuff really well, but can't do much else - in the good cases they contract someone else to fill the gap and deliver what they promise, the bad ones soldier on blaming every other part of the chain for not working how they do.

Exchequer is flexible enough for most people to get what they want in and out thorugh a variety of methods - if your developer can't they need to bring in someone who can to do the connecting bit.

Another common issue with developers is a complete lack of accounting knowledge, which means they struggle with some of the concepts - that is solved by having someone available to explaing this sort of thing to them as they go.

Just some thoughts

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Web Integration

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Well put Brent,

One of the reasons we have not developed our own an e-commerce solution is that we are focused on gluing together the bits that need to connect to Exchequer. We have partnered with a web design company who are not only good at the visual elements required in how a site looks, but also expert in the backend e-commerce  transactions for a good flexible solution. Equally we can work with any e-commerce developer to make it happen giving the customer choice.

By definition Exchequer customers require flexibility; otherwise they would not have bought into Exchequer.

As Brent so aptly put it, most developers have not got a clue about accounting process, least of all Exchequer and therefore cannot connect the technical to the business processes required and conversely customers often don't understand their own processes when it comes to looking at them through a data flow.

It is the gap between these two where the pitfalls are. It is so easy to be enticed by the attraction of the graphic design elements and look and feel and in this process the heart of the thing gets overlooked until a long time and lots of money later you are stuck with a solution that is not working for you.

It is very telling when a proposition is focused on how the content of the Exchequer e-commerce solution is managed in the CMS and how easy it is to make it look good. This is missing the point.

Any competent e-commerce developer can provide this.

Is the provider willing to offer a proof of concept with your data and show you how it works? I would want to see with my own eyes the performance of transactions being processed.

My business partner has 12 Exchequer users in his other business.  Therefore, we have in house understanding of how Exchequer works on a day to day basis in business and not purely from a technical IT perspective. This makes the difference and we do ask customers about their processes and think through how it all connects together in what I call ‘Exchequer World’.

This is what will make the difference between all the competing options and define a solution that will work for your business.


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Hi Withnail,


Many thanks for your response. I am aware of Prospectsoft and we are struggling to use their CRM software at the moment.

However, we are not impressed with the way their integration with Iris Exchequer software works. We do not really think it is a good fit for our business because of the way their Exchequer integration works.

They use the term "Prospectsoft is aware of Exchequer but Exchequer is not aware of Prospectsoft". That means it is almost like a "one way" type of integration.

We would like something that is more robust. Something that will provide a seamless kind of integration.

Would it be possible for you to tell me a bit more details about how does your Exchequer integration work?

Is it like the Prospectsoft integration?

How does it get and send information in Exchequer? Does it use Toolkit license?

We are struggling to find a good supplier to will provide:

"             Good quality software

"             Excellent customer service

In the past, we been burnt by a previous website development company who said they could do both our Retail and Trade website. We stuck with them for nearly two years but they did not deliver. Both their software, and their customer service was very poor.

Their CMS (Content Management System) software is poor because it loads very slow even on a fast computer and fast broadband connection (30MB download, 7MB upload speed). Their CMS uses Java applet which you have to download to your computer first so that you can login to their CMS. Their level of customer service is very poor as well. We found out later that they all work from home. We cannot even contact most of them using a DDI. They just use Skype chat messenger. It was a very frustrating experience.


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Hi Brent,


Many thanks for your reply.


What you said absolutely made sense now. The previous web developers supplier who burnt us were lacking knowledge in accounting software. But we also found out later that they have never done any Exchequer integration before.


Luckily from previous experience we now know exactly what we want. I have define the requirements and will post it in this discussion because other readers might find it very useful. 

and as for CRM...

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Having your requirements well defined means you can easily measure the progress.

Jason's comment about getting people to show the dataflow is very valid. The dataflow may have lots of glitches, but you can see that the flow is there more or less.

When it comes to CRM, well my opinion is that is even worse. CRM is I would suggest a fluffy thing, so to get an effective CRM solution you need to be able to define what CRM will do for you, and then see who can match your definition. Same as a data integration - there may be some glitches that will be resolved in a live integration, but you should see the system more or less that you are implementing.

If you can't define how you envisage CRM working, don't waste your money...





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Hi all,

Just to let you know we completed a deal with Ocean Design and Exchequer Dynamics to develop our E-Commerce website that seamlessly integrate with Exchequer. The results are fantastic. Our E-commerce website has been up and running for the past 2 months.


Our customers and sale reps can now place orders 24/7.

Everything is synchronising very fast including all customer details, stocks, and prices.

All orders automatically sync to Exchequer every 5 minutes.

We have a number of complex pricing structures and everything is synchronising fine.


We use software called Exfusion which does all the integration between Exchequer and the Trade website. It can read and write data in Exchequer rapidly.


I suggest to anyone with an E-commerce website with Exchequer integration project to get in touch with Ocean http://www.ocean-design.co.uk/ecommerce and Exchequer Dynamics http://www.exchequerdynamics.com/

Ecommerce software by Network

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Ecommerce software by Network Solutions allows you to easily build an online store to sell products online with any merchant account. Thanks for sharing the informative post.
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Exchequer - E-commerce integration

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If this is still a requirement it is a bread and butter area for us

we are the largest UK reseller of Exchequer and we have a 7-strong devlopment team

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Pure Exchequer Integration - E-Commerce

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Check out www.ex-commerce.com - Built specifically for Exchequer, either platform (MS SQL or Pervasive PSQL) - There are certainly more options now open to Exchequer users than there ever used to be which is a good thing as the figures for the number of people buying online in the UK in 2014 was staggering!

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