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English accountant crowned top cheesemonger

English auditor Matthew Feroze has swept the board at France's national cheesemongering championships in Lyon to win first prize.

The 30-year-old accountant is currently on a two-year unpaid sabbatical from the civil service and said his years of training to become an accountant had served him well in the competition.

After triumphing over a shortlist of 15 competitors, Feroze told The Guardian: “In my lifetime I have sat a lot of exams. I trained incredibly hard and listened to all the advice anyone would give me.”

His boss, Hervé Mons of Mons Cheese, said Feroze's temperament had given him the edge: “Matt is very pragmatic, he doesn't let his emotions out like the French do; he stays focused.”

The auditor-turned-cheesemonger won the prestigious Concours National des Fromagers by impressing judges in several categories including a blind tasting, cutting precise quantities by sight and creating tasting notes for a selection of cheeses.

His main task was the assembly of a platter showcasing 25 cheeses he had chosen and matured in a “creative and sensitive way”, in which he put stilton and cheddar in the mix.

Feroze said British cheese can offer the French “a bit of perspective that there are other quality cheeses out there and it isn't just the French who know how to make cheese.

“There is too much work involved for anyone to make any real money, which means that people stay in the industry essentially just for the love of cheese,” he added.

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A sabbatical for Cheesemongering?    1 thanks

elansea | | Permalink

Only in the Civil Service....................

Lucky he didn't have a real job, I suppose.

Frankly, I don't give edam!    1 thanks

waltere | | Permalink

No whey - I camembert these continual jokes about civil servants.  What can't people just let it brie? 

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