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Facetious Friday...

You know it is going to be one of those days, when you turn 30 mins early for a 8:30am meeting only to wait around and then find out at the last gasp ( and 10 voicemail calls later) that the the person you are meeting has forgot all about it!!

It's now 8:35am - my next carefully planned meeting (just down the road) is not until 10:00am and

1) There is not a starbucks in the near vacinity :(

2) It's 30 mins drive back to the office. ( so 60 mins round trip)

The grumpy head is now firmly on and the day has become facetious friday when only sarcastic reponses will do ... the comments" REALLY!!!" , " and you believed them" or "what part of this do you NOT understand" are about all that seems to want to come out of your mouth.

And to cap it all, the weatherforecast for the weekend  is torrential rain!!

Hopefully you guys out there are having a good day and the sun is shining on you

Yours (now locking myself in my room and turning of my phone - so as not to offend any clients).


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Have a good rant on Aweb!

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Glad we found an outlet for your frustration - and suspect that you must be posting via mobile if you haven't been able to find a Wi-Fi link (or Starbucks).

As long as you've got a roof over your head and can stay dry, perhaps you could turn your downtime into a bit of CPD. ("Professional networking and technical debate on Accounting WEB - 1hr").

But to do that, perhaps we need to introduce a technical subject or two for you to justify such a claim... What would other members of the group recommend?

PS - That reminds me of my mother and her, ah, interesting child-rearing approach. A freelance journalist, she used to take my sister and I to dinner at local curry houses with some of her IT friends. She would turn to us and say, "Computer, computer, computer... there, now this is a business expense."

Though benefiting indirectly, I of course did not condone such behaviour. I was an innocent child at the time, so it would be way out of time for any Revenue investigation.

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Get a grip

johnjenkins | | Permalink

man. Last night was a blue moon (two full moons in one month). Most peoples wives have probably been weepy and that's why he forgot your appointment. Phone him up and apologise for your inconsiderate behavoir he inadvertantly caused. Rest assured that the next few weeks (as we approach the flower moon) will give you riches beyond compare.

A rainy weekend means snuggles and cuddles whilst ploughing through endless Bond movies.

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Thank you for a good old " reality" shake :)

I think I will substitite the CPD that @john Stokdyk for SOS ( snoozing on Sofa) this weekend.

Oh as an update the client did phone to apologise and is going to treat me to lunch as a sorry.... so all is well in the world again :):)

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