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Feedback on IRIS 10.9

Have any members of this group got their hands on the new version yet? What do you think of it and how rapidly do you intend to implement it?

Of particularly interest to me is the "second generation" iXBRL tagging tool. Does it look likely to make much of a difference to your accounts production/CT filing processes?

The OpenPortal idea is interesting on paper, but I haven't seen it yet. Can anyone describe what it's like (or post an image) and how useful the new interface is likely to be?

I look forward to hearing more about it.


Some good features

colinhigginson | | Permalink

I can't post a picture but the new main menu is very good, the tax facts section has all the information you get on an infocard plus more obscure data like fuel only mileage rates.

The new Related Party ixbrl feature looks good, but not put it into practice yet.

The import of Company Secretarial dividends into Personal Tax is something I have asked for for years now and is a significant improvement.

All in all, a positive upgrade.


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Not yet

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

Hi John - not yet although I'm looking forward to the related party iXBRL tagging screen as this is the area that takes most time when tagging small accounts at the moment.

Main point of posting is to bring people's attention to the known issues bit of the 10.9 section of their website.  Best to know of these before you download.


cjtrevor | | Permalink

Yes we registered to have the software available Thursday afternoon - on agreeing that no support would be available over the weekend for installation difficulties - so that we could install out of hours and be ready for when everyone returned to work on Tuesday.

Software installed absolutely fine.

Staff have been using it for just over a day now, and so far no feedback of any problems, so fingers crossed everything is looking good so far.

Our iXBRL staff haven't tagged any accounts yet since the update, so can't comment on that yet.

First impressions of OpenPortal (the new main menu screen) are very positive.

At a glance, useful information such as online filing status is available, together with useful hints and tips which staff would not otherwise think to find out about.  Eg today there is a link to a help article explaining how data screens in accounts production can use formula.

There is a tax data tab, with instant access to useful tax table data such as rates and allowances.  This is quick and easy to access compared to our existing online tables.

The Institute News tab has already been useful - I have found out about an ICAEW webinar that I didn't know about previously.

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BSOD again

pmtate | | Permalink

We can't even get to the new main menu, our workstations blue screen on login. Possibly something to do with our Anti Virus (Symantec Endpoint) not liking one of the new 10.9 menu modules. This is similar to when we produce iXBRL reports and that module triggers Symantec Endpoint in some nasty way. Note I was assured that the General Note in the issues would not affect us before I installed and in fact no files seem to have been quarantined as part of the install.


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One thing we like ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... but now you log in before the menu, where before you logged in after so if you closed one module you had to log in again to open a new one - little things as they say!

Problems with 10.9

iansutton | | Permalink

On the whole we are pleased with the upgrade, but there are two problems we are aware of:

1) We have our own company set up in Iris as a client, and any dividends paid by our company are now visible to the rest of the staff via the new facility to import Company Secretarial dividends into Personal Tax. This is not a good thing.

2) When filing a tax return, the un-filed tax returns screen re-populates after the return has been accepted, which can take some time. Not really a problem at the moment, but it will be very annoying in January next year.

Old Greying Accountant's picture

We queried this ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

iansutton wrote:

When filing a tax return, the un-filed tax returns screen re-populates after the return has been accepted, which can take some time. Not really a problem at the moment, but it will be very annoying in January next year.

... I don't think it was intended and think a patch or upgrade won't be long coming, reading bewteen the lines of the reply from IRIS.

Thanks for the heads up on the dividends, having been banging on for this function for years I am surprised it was such a low key introduction!

10.9.1 BAD NEWS!!!!!

90517Do | | Permalink


I upgraded to 10.9.1 last thursday,10 May 2012 with no errors reported  - now Iris thinks it is 8 April 2012 and all the postings since that date do not show - all accounts production, CT600 filed at HMRC, all time sheets, invoices issued and fees received, all personal tax return checklists sent out to clients and all 2012 tax returns completed and submitted to HMRC - GONE

After waiting for 45 mins on Thursday I got to a waiting list for a waiting list for the helpline to be told someone would ring back from helpline - didn't happen on Thurday or Friday!!! I rang in again 10.00 this morning and was waiting upward of 30 mins before support picked up and transferred to Technical Support - tried a few things online but needed to check a few things and they will comeback - it is now 15.00hrs and still no response. 

IRIS used to be excellent - now they are no better and probably worse than SAGE

I do not think I am the only one who is having problems or how else does IRIS explain the horrendous delays in accessing the support teams and getting problems solved

Luckily (!) I use IRIS automatic online backup each day so there is back up from just before the update but I am still waiting for Tech Support to come back and sort it out.

I was told I can use other systems on my computer but not IRIS. Which system do they think accountants need to earn a living - Outlook, Word, or IRIS ??


Sorry if this is a bit of a rant but .............................


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Just checked my IRIS

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

I do not have this problem.

On software issues I prefer to find out the reason before I rant.

I find IRIS still very helpful, especially where it involves thing not technically their fault,

They have highlighted the support delays themselves and that they are trying to resolve this, unfortunately it is not feasible to have sufficient staff to answer all calls within two rings, and at peak times of the year delays are inevitable. 



cjtrevor | | Permalink

We installed 10.9.1 upgrade the evening it became available, and do not have the issues you describe.

It sounds like something has caused an issue with your data or SQL database, and with backups of both then there should be no permanent loss of this data.

I think the problem needs to be ascertained before blaming Iris.  Although it could of course be something in the Iris upgrade routine that has affected your particular setup, it is equally likely to be something else unconnected.  

Agree that the support people seem under pressure at the moment, I'm still waiting for someone to come back to me on an issue raised in February that I've chased up a few times since.



90517Do | | Permalink


if i fiddle about with iris settings i would agree with you - it might be something unrelated to iris - but i don't

I let iris install where it wants to install, do not change any settings and usually it works fine, apart from sometimes support have to tweak something online.

So i do not think my setup is very different, if at all, to any other

i have been a very satisfied user since 1997 although lately customer service seem to be slipping

i was promised they would fix the problem before leaving last night but they didn't and now they are away for a day's meeting so i will have to join the queue again tomorrow


I hope you get everything

cjtrevor | | Permalink

I hope you get everything back up and running tomorrow.

Please update when the cause is known as I'm sure nobody else wants to experience the problem that you have encountered.

We upgraded to Ver 10.9.1 and

tomsk100 | | Permalink

We upgraded to Ver 10.9.1 and have had some problems, but now feel lucky after reading some other people experiences.
At least we haven't had to sit on the Iris tech support lines for hours to find they can't solve the problem.

Our biggest gripe with the upgrade is the perfomance of Iris - especially Accounts Production which is far worse.

And to make matters even worse if a user has crashed in a program there is a button to say "You are already in this program do you want to open another copy?" 

Who's idea was that?


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