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Filing failure

 To cut a long story short I completely lost my PTP database in September after my computer hard drive got wiped (I wont go into details!!) Got the relevant codes from PTP and starting loading clients one by one as I do a return. Only detail I have about the past is hard copies of returns filed since 2008. Just tried filing a return by FBI and its been rejected because my credentials failed validation. It seems the username/password I have used does not match the original.

Emailed PTP but all I'm getting is to call HMRC, just that. Blimey its a big organisation but who knows a contact number, presumably its a technical help line?




HMRC Helpline

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Try 0845 605 5999 I was given this number for the technical helpline some time ago so I don't know if it is still current.


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I get charged for those 0845 numbers so have found its 01619308445. Called but they say its PTP's problem!

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I assume this is your government gateway username and passwrod - the ones you use to log into the online services rather than a PTP login?

problem solved

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Simple really but it took ages to get there. Thanks for the help.

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