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Fixed Asset Investment note re subsids



Has any one filed a set of accounts with subsids.  I can not see any way of tagging the reserve etc in the note.

I put a post on Iris forum and IRIS say there is not a concept and to contact HMRC for specific advice.

Has any one done so and what was the outcome?


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You will also find ...

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... you cannot file online at Companies House if you use the IRIS FAI note so I do a freeform note showing the same information, but it can't be tagged, As it does not need to be why worry, when it is a mandatory tag IRIS should have the concepts etc in place!

Many thanks

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OGA thanks.

I will file untagged.

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Just put a query into iris support about this as some bits of the note are automatically tagged but the numbers not. I agree though if this is not on the minimum or even main list then no point trying. Just wish items not taggable were marked as such.

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