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Fixed Assets Note and Workings

I have often had problems with the fixed assets note when importing from VTT+ to VT Final Accounts, but I have usually been able to work around it. However I am completely at a standstill now, and I can't be the only one who has come across this problem, so there is probably a simple solution that I am overlooking.

I am importing from VTT+ to a sole trader (with detail) account and the fixed asset workings page picks up the final cost and accumulated depreciation figures from VTT+ and imports them into the brought forward cost and additions boxes respectively. That is understandable, and I substitute those figures with the correct ones and fill out the "workings" table, but then the fixed asset note does not pick up those figures, collecting instead the contents of blank cells on the same page. I therefore link the cells in the fixed asset note to the appropriate cells in the workings table, only to find that they revert to their original states as soon as I click the auto-hide button.

If anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please let me know - otherwise I can see that I will have to copy the figures to an ordinary spreadsheet and print from that.



Are you entering period movements to the b/fwd accounts?

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Hi sebo - Are you entering your movements in the period in VTT+ into the b/fwd fixed asset accounts ("Cost - b/fwd, "Depn - b/fwd" etc.) instead of the ones called "Cost - additions", "Cost - disposals" and "Depn - charge"?

You should not touch the    1 thanks

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You should not touch the fixed assets workings table in the final accounts workbooks. All the numbers should come from TB sheet in a manual entry workbook or from the entries in VTT+ in a linked entry workbook.

If you need more help, please do contact us directly for support.

Philip Hodgson
VT Software

I am having to enter in the current year table

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The initial problem that is thrown up is that the accounts do not balance unless I make the correct entries in the workings sheet so that the previous year figures agree with the current year brought forward figures


Work from VT

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It means that you have altered last year's figures in VTT+.   When you import the figures from VT if you tick the box that says "update comparatives with those in VT file, then it will be done properly for you.   But ideally you should make any adjustments in your current year so that you are not touching last year's figures

It Appears the VTT+ File May Have Been Altered

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That is what VT Software think and I am considering starting a new VTT+ file (luckily it is a small business) to go forward with. Thanks to those who contributed.


VT Have Identified the Problem

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I was using the Basic template when I started with this client, and it appears these do not map across because that template does not have the correct accounts to deal with fixed assets


Fixed Assets Register

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Almost everyone has fixed assets. From the humblest self employed person to the largest corporation, you can’t get away without owning something of a capital nature, even if it’s only the office PC. And, as a matter of fact.

Was all this just an excuse to post an advert?

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Was all this just an excuse to post an advert?

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