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Free plugs and free advertising

I know I am Mrs Grumpy today ... but does anyone else get annoyed by members putting links to their websites in every single post they make, and the blogs and articles that are nothing but free advertising? And does it really help their business? Personally, the more someone pushes me, the more likely I am to run in the opposite direction. If a product or service is as good as they claim, then why do they need to keep pushing it at every opportunity? That is the question I ask myself and the obvious answer isn't one they would like to hear!

I am also getting fed up of accountants slagging off other accountants (eg. calling them bean counters, lazy, laggards, etc.) in here, and in their websites, to try and recruit new clients/customers! It is using a very broad brush that encompasses everyone, whether relevant or not.

I hope clients, and accountants, see through all the garbage and the fear mongering that is going on!




you've got my vote ShirleyM    1 thanks

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I also hate it when people on this site band together and goad others into an arguement which results in somebody getting booted out.  I think you all know who I mean

We all have a point of view and sometimes it's different from somebody elses, which makes a debate much more interesting.  The threads have certianly become very dull just lately


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Whinging...    3 thanks

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...the favourite UK national pastime, no?

I too find it very irritating when people reply to technical questions with something that adds no value and amounts to nothing more than advertising.  I found that it extends to a particular female practitioner who likes to include her middle name in everything.

I've not actually noticed members slagging off other accountants, perhaps I missed those threads.  It's true though that accountants extend less professional courtesy to other accountants than doctors do.  You will very rarely see a doctor slag off another doctor.

Polly's comment proves something though, which is that you can add nothing to a debate, even if you're not advertising anything.

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Dull????    1 thanks

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Personally, I wouldn't say AWeb is dull. I would say it is more peaceful, and a little more respectful to fellow members ... but there are bound to be some occasional hiccups! 

My personal preference is for peaceful debate and discussion, even if this means we don't get the firework displays. I think it is great when people can agree to disagree, as has happened more frequently lately.

yes but, no but!    1 thanks

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I'm sure there are lots of members who would add to the debates but are too afraid of being shot down in flames by some of the more established members of AWeb.


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??? Polly?    1 thanks

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Polly... are you referring to me?

I know in the past I have been described as so scary that even the mods are afraid of me ... do you believe that it is true, and it isn't just the rantings of someone who would prefer to pass the blame for their exclusion onto someone else, ie. me ????

Generic not personal    1 thanks

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Not referring to anyone in particular, just my general perception of how things are on AWeb.

I certianly hold back on making comments for this reason


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I have heard the opposite    1 thanks

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That more people are returning to AWeb, or posting more, because of the new moderation policy.

Do you perceive I have been nasty to you, or anyone, Polly?

You can listen to the vicious lies told about me, and others, and believe them .., or you can look at the evidence and judge for yourself. I don't have the power, or influence, to get any member repeatedly banned. It is purely down to their own behaviour and the moderators decision.

More comments now    2 thanks

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I actually get the impression that more people are now contributing since the stronger moderation policy has been enforced. Most of us are quite happy to accept alternative views, that's what makes life interesting. It's the exceptionally small minority who come on AWeb to deliberately cause trouble and hence are moderated. It only looks like a certain group are banding together because many others are too afraid of the small minority's vitriol to put said minority in their place. Luckily we now have Henry (who probably deserves a hero's nickname) to do the place-putting for us. And don't forget that the minority feels the need to accuse anyone who disagrees with them as being part of a (ever-increasing!) band (I bagsy the saxophone or the drums!) - don't believe everything you read!!

And yes I detest blatant advertising too :)

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Debate    2 thanks

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accountright wrote:

Not referring to anyone in particular, just my general perception of how things are on AWeb.

I certianly hold back on making comments for this reason


It might be a male thing, but I simply don't understand this logic.  Who cares what anyone else thinks, or says?  If you have an opinion, express it!  One of the wonderful things in the world is freedom of speech... the right to express your own opinion.  If somebody disagrees with you, either you can decide that you were wrong based on some convincing argument (and say "oops, my bad") or decide that you are right, and the other person is a jerk.  I find that most people who disagree with me fall into the latter category, but I respect their right to express their opinion.

I think people are wrong to look at a debate and say "oh that's a big argument, people are so rude" when in fact, it is a good natured debate designed to convince one another of different views.  Debating happens in our House of Commons every single day, it can be heated.... but it's not offensive.

get a grip!    1 thanks

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cor blimy!  nobody has been nasty to me and I never implied they had so where did that come from???

I have work to do now so will have to leave you all to get on with it


Oh, and I really hate the blatant advertising and do report it to the wonderful Henry when I spot it



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Thanks Polly :)

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It is very reassuring to know there is at least one person on AWeb that will admit I haven't been nasty to them.   :)

I thought you were 'having a go' at me  ... but I take that back now.

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ShirleyM is scary    1 thanks

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I once got pm'ed by her and I was in hospital for 3 weeks afterwards.....

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Arghhhhhhh    1 thanks

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Thisistibi .... it'll be 6 weeks next time .... grrrrrrrrrr!

EDIT: for those who believe the untrue rumours ... I was only joking, Thisistibi!

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@Shirley    2 thanks

Marion Hayes | | Permalink

you will have to stop jumping at shadows!!

I don't like the advertising  - or some of the reactions shown at times - but am using the report button more now.

I wasn't sure if the advertising, as long as it was not hidden, was against the rules so haven't reported that - it doesn't help with our train of thought though

I do know what Polly means - I have been known to pm someone if I thought that my answer would trigger an untoward reaction and I wasn't in the mood to deal with it. I am always happy to  learn and would never say I was always right. Too many years of learning from mistakes knocks that out of you  

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Thanks Marion

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I will maybe regret asking this ... but if I initiate any nastiness I would rather be told. If we inadvertantly offend others, and are not made aware, then we are likely to do it again.

So often ... things can appear totally different to what we intended. A simple question or query can put the misunderstanding right!

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No problem    1 thanks

Marion Hayes | | Permalink

I promise to tell you loud and clear

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Personally ...    3 thanks

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... if a link is relevant to the topic I have less issue than an engineered thread, although I would prefer something alongs the lines of ...

OP - does anyone know any good software to record my stock of widgets

Joe Bloggs - I produce software that does just that, PM me if you want further details and we can discuss your needs properly.

If some one independant gives a link that is fine for me too, eg:

OP - does anyone know any good software to record my stock of widgets

OGA - I use Joe Bloggs software, it is great, here is a link to his website:

The engineered thread would be

OP - recording widget stock is a pain isn't it, why not look at this software I am selling on this link

OGA - Oi, Henry, here's another one for you

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links    1 thanks

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"members putting links to their websites in every single post they make,"

The links are not being put there by posters hoping you will click on them - they are often being put there by the poster so that when google's robots trawl through a relatively high profile website like Aweb it boosts their page rankings in google search.

See for more info.

David (couldn't resist!)

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Really    1 thanks

thisistibi | | Permalink

daveforbes wrote: (couldn't resist!)

Offtopic but.... what's with the tiny fonts and weird layout?  Do you want some web design tips?

I would like to hear if a    2 thanks

uktaxpal | | Permalink

I would like to hear if a member has a particular expertise.

Some issues are not clear cut and can be argued in different ways e.g.legislation which takes time and effort.

Im not aware of a banding together but know from posts two members know each other and dislike each other which is unfortunate.

Like Henry picture.


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Thread Closed    2 thanks

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This thread will be taken down for moderation. If you have any comments / queries please pass them on to me or any other members of the AWEB team via PM or the site contact form.

Update: This thread has been reopened.

The malicious and inflammatory comments have been removed (as well as some messages from others that were part of the thread). Apologies for any inconvenience. In the interest of transparency and fairness to all members, I wanted to let you know that we have removed the offending poster and are working to ensure banned members do not circumvent their suspensions and cause trouble on the site. Unfortunately, this isn't always an easy issue to spot and sometimes flare ups happen. Thank you to everyone who didn't rise to any attempts to incite argument as this makes moderation and ensuring threads can continue a much simpler, more effective process.

With regards to this thread, we do always appreciate comments regarding the use of, appearance and content on the site (but please do carry on avoiding referencing any specific complaints regarding other users). Member self-promotion has previously been raised as a concern and discussed briefly in Editor's Blog. To let you know our official stance, we take efforts to ensure that posts that appear to be purely for the sake of advertising, where off-topic and not relevant to any specific requests, are not appropriate and are subject to moderation from the AWEB team. We do currently allow members to refer to their business in their posts (including pseudo "signature" links) but, again, if at any time you feel a line has been crossed then please do bring it to our attention and we'll look into it fully. 

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