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The Good Old Days


Just watched a repeat programme on iplayer called Music Hall Meltdown 

That made me remember Leonard Sachs and The Good Old Days

What entertainment do you miss or still enjoy from your 'Good Old Days'?

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You have already reminded me about the Grand Theatre in Leeds, which hosted the live BBC series 'The Good Old Days', where all the audience dressed up in old fashioned clothes. I never went, but my Mum went with her pals.

I remember winter Sunday afternoons, when there was always a family film on TV to watch together after our big Sunday dinner (black & white in those days) like Old Mother Riley, Danny Kaye, Arthur Askey, etc. I also remember when I was tiny I would get home from school and there was a different program every night, like the Wooden Tops, Rag, Tag & Bobtail, Muffin the Mule, The Flowerpot Men. I can't remember the 5th one :(

Why do we remember some things so well, and others not at all?

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I used to love ...

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... the good old days too.

But better was Wodehouse Playhouse.

Monday night always had a long running series and as my Dad was out at the ATC with my brother Mum and I used to settle down for High Chapperal or Alias Smith and Jones (and in all the trains and banks they robbed they never shot anyone)

and then later the Waltons came along (which thinking about it probably explains my penchant for feisty redheads - ;o) ) 

We also loved Poldark and the Onedin line (although that was Sunday's I think, as was The Brothers)

I also used to love the summer holidays, Robinson Crusoe, The Flashing Blade, The Whirley Birds, Casey Jones, Daktari, Tarzan, Double Deckers etc etc - oh happy happy good old days!

( you can probably tell, we weren't allowed to watch ITV unless my grandparents were over, I blame my Nan for my Corrie addiction (and what a week this week, can't wait for tonight - lol)

That has reminded me of Saturdays at Grandma and Grandads, wrestling on World of Sport followed by Dusty Bin or Bully!

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No tele for me ..............

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... there wasn't any! Sunday consisted of Sunday Dinner to the Billy Cotton Bandshow (after 2-way Family Favourites, of course), followed by washing the  dishes by hand to The Navy Lark - I think Round the Horne was in there somewhere, too (its a long time ago.ha.ha).  We first had tele in April 1963 in my new marital home.  6d in the slot ph - remember the sixpence?  I still find comedy better to listen to than to watch, except for Max Wall, of course.  I think I still have a fertile imagination.  I have a tape of Gerard Hoffnung at the Oxford Union and "The Bricklayer".   Wonderful stuff - makes me laugh just to think of it.


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Monday was picture book, tuesday andy pandy, wednesday blobolob - little weeeed, thursday (my favourite) rag, tag and bobtail and Friday woodentops.

Cowboys was a must, Range Rider and his "all american" sidekick. The Lone Ranger and tonto.John Wayne.

@weaversmiths, breezy and Alma cogan, hancock, the crazy gang black and white minstrals.

The army game was class. Andy Williams and Val doonican Christmas shows, Sunday night at the london paladium (only so I could stay up later).

I still think you've got to go a long way to beat Fools and Horses.

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Memory fail!

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How could I forget Andy Pandy????

I don't remember Picture book, and I think Muffin the Mule may have been from my pre-school days.

My favourites were My Friend Flicka, Champion the Wonder Horse, Lassie, all the animal related programs, and the cowboy ones like the Lone Ranger, and I liked Robin Hood (riding through the glen) too.

Anyone remember Sunday Night at the London Paladium? That was a regular in our house.

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They made a boo boo

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with Robin Hood. Glen isn't really English. So you would get Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the forest RH again searching for his quest or in his underpants and vest etc,

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@john - then OGA's your man!

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OGA could write a new version that is factually correct, and tells a story. He's a whiz at that sort of thing, whereas I can only write the mildy amusing ditties. If you want comedy ... then sorry OGA, but Flash is tops :)

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Sorry Shirley ...

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... I can't write to order :o(

My doggerrel comes from the heart and is usually inspired by my muses (of which there are two but both are awol at present!) and occassionally by events or places that touch me.

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lol OGA

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I was only teasing ... but point taken ... I must stop volunteering people and let you volunteer yourself (if you want to!)   ;)

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Going back to

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the good old days. Someone would start a ditty next person add to it and so on. 4 juniors and off we went. What really niggled me was that half way through the junior or senior partner would come in and always add a punch line which was more witty than all ours put together. 

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School holidays ....

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the bizarre fact is that a whole generation seem to have had the same school holiday entertainment. I am 45, ten years younger than my brothers, but we all had the flashing blade, champion & Robinson crusoe!!

For me personally, I love to watch British films from the 50's & 60's. There is an innocence to them that is quite wonderful. I am a  very keen modern historian so I know much of it is nonsense and that the world portrayed tells you as much about society as Jane Austin does about the 1800's BUT it still looks like a place and time you would want to live in. I also love the absence of political correctness which almost feels today like an illicit pleasure!


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When we went to the flicks

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normal proceedure one would pay, open the fire door and let the rest of us in. The British films were mostly B films and in a lot of cases better than the A films. Mind you we spent more time finding the girls than watching the films. I remember my sister taking me to see Elvis in King Creole. I was totally bored while she and her mates were  singing away.

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@ john -

Marion Hayes | | Permalink

how bad is that.

We always went with our parents I am afraid - probably only once or twice a year. I remember Bambi and Peter Pan, Summer Holiday, Carry On films and the Elstree comedies, and as we got older She, Man for all Seasons and The Agony & the Ecstasy.

When we were old enough to go with our friends we saw Kelly's Heroes, the Virgin Soldiers, Clockwork Orange . Having said that the first film my husband took me to see when courting was Bedknobs and Broomsticks - a different world then wasn't it.

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ill fated first dates ....

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I had a first date with a girl and we decided to go and see a nice film by that lovely director Steven Spielberg. Sadly it was Shindlers list ... it didn't last!

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Ah Kelly's Heroes

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The tank coming out of the tunnel with record player blaring. Clint Eastwood trying to play the hard man with Hippy Donald Sutherland. Although the story was crap the cast were brilliant.

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