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Guide to becoming an accounting professional

...from the Home Learning College:


The world of accountancy can be mystifying for anyone outside the industry.

That’s why Home Learning College has produced a free guide debunking some common myths about working in that sector. ‘Why Becoming an Accounting Professional is Easier than You Think – 5 Secrets Revealed’ is available to download for free from the college’s website, and provides useful guidance for anyone looking to develop an accounting career.

 One of the secrets shared within the guide is that, contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to become an accounting professional without a degree. Readers will learn about alternative routes into Chartered Accountancy for those without existing financial qualifications or experience. One example is the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) accreditation pathway, which is recognised by all UK Chartered Accountancy bodies.

 Home Learning College delivers a range of professional qualifications by distance learning, and trains thousands of accounting students each year. Courses range from beginner to advanced, so people can start at the level which best matches their existing knowledge and skills.  

“When considering future career options as an adult it can be easy to feel like we’ve missed the boat with regard to certain professions, particularly in an area as specialised as accountancy” says Dave Snow, Academic Director at Home Learning College. “Our aim in producing this guide is to show that it’s never too late to fulfil an ambition of working in finance and progress to senior roles within this industry.

“The AAT pathway is one example of a highly respected, accessible route which is open to anyone with a certain level of numerical competence. If you’ve been considering a career in accounting, but haven’t been sure where to turn, then our guide will help you take that next step.”

Click here to find out more or download the guide.

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