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Harry Redknapp 2, bye bye Fabio

Can we talk now?

All this talk about prejudicing a case by discussing it got me thinking about the John Terry case.

My personal view is that Fabio was right, and the FA has shown itself to be run by incompetent buffoons (yet again!). They are the real problem with English football, not the managers/players.

This got me thinking about John Terry: by taking the action they did they could be accused of prejudicing JT’s right to a fair trial by their apparent presumption of guilt?

Surely the best course would have been to suspend him pending the outcome, as is the usual method of dealing with such things.

Speaks volume on the state of things that an Italian resigns on a point of principal in respect of the ancient English tenet of innocent until proven guilty!

The FA seem to be the worst sort of tyranny, endlessly seeking to silence the voices of dissent as evidenced by the trail of fines and punishments for daring to thin a referee may have got a decision wrong.   


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Yo with you bro

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It seemed ok for Sven to shag around but for JT again the captaincy went. That is when Fabio should have told the FA where to go.

As an ex-footballer (minor league stuff) what goes on a football field should stay on a football field. Afterwards you shake hands. If you came off worse, there was always the next match.

You can imagine the scenario in years to come. "Paul you just trod on my foot"  "Oh I'm so sorry Steve, I'm a bit tired, not used to 90 mins". "That's ok Paul I'll slow down a bit now I know"

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