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Have you got any Great work Gadgets that make life more comfortable


One of my favourite clients brought me this today to help me out as a gift.  They know I go through loads of accounts parcels for other clients and we all know how much we use a stapler in accounts and bookkeeping , and yes it does hurt your hands when you doing loads of stapling . 

She spent £15 on it and I suspect she could have got it cheaper but I thought I would share it with you.  All you do is put your paper under the stapler and it staples it for you with you having to touch anything.  It is like a sensor stapler .  It may seem silly but it really is helpful when you having a long day or you suffer with your hands from been on the computer.

Anyway I love Gadgets and I am hoping you may give me some more ideas .

 I have a remote control office table where you can raise it to how high or low you want it to be , it is great as if forces you to change your posture to suit what you are doing.  For example when I am doing the Payroll I put the table in full stand up mode so I am working with files easily, instead of breaking my neck getting up and down off the chair.  I also have a magnetic posture board which raises up for you to  read and complete entries easily by holding your ruler so you can go down entries without stooping over your table, it means you sit up straight and a holder that holds archive folders so you are almost working like a architect. 

That is a picture of my new Stapler at the top.


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and the matching hole punch

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they worked brilliantly

wheredid you get the table? It sounds just right - I am just debating getting a new kitchen with surfaces that do that as well

Hi Marion 

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Hi Marion 

I like the idea of the hole punch , who makes it.  I got my table from a company called Seating World based in West Midlands.  

They were fab. The guy travelled up to Glasgow and built the table up in my office.  Their service was brilliant.   It has made a huge difference to my life as I had major back surgery and it was worth every penny. 

Another couple of  companies worth mentioning are Posturite , and a company called Back Care Solutions Ltd.   Both were excellent and especially back care came up a couple of times as my chair was not quite right. 

A few years ago I paid to have my office Ergonomic checked.  Yes I know you may be sceptical , but the difference it made to my life was huge .  I know these things cost, but they make a huge difference. I have a few clients that were so comfortable in the office . They asked if they could use the office sometimes and then purchased some of the items for themselves. 


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morning sarah - rexel

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where would we be without amazon as a starting point - I don't remember it being quite that expensive

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